Split other/utility costs from ingredient costs on margin reports


Is there a way to see the cost to make of a sale? I can get the cost of each individual item using the cost report for each batch but I would like see the cost to make of individual orders vs the sale price of them. Is there a way to see this?

Related to this, it would be great to be able to see the cost to make of a batch vs the sales revenue from it on the reporting page.

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This would be very useful to us as well. We currently have a multitude of spreadsheets pulling in data to try and give us this info - and all the data should already be in breww.

There would need to be some improvement to the current Automatic batch costs settings - as this isn’t quite there yet. We could do with allocating different costs depending on different packaging methods (for example cost to pack into can is more than to rack into casks).

However one key benefit of breww is that it knows how every sales was delivered (and in terms of own deliveries - an exact milage). If that could be incorporated into “cost to make a sale” then it would be a game changer for us.

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Sorry for the confusion here, but we do have a pre-built report called “Margin by invoice” which aims to solve exactly this. This can be found in Reporting > Pre-built sales reports > Margin by invoice.

This report doesn’t currently consider the cost to you to deliver, but this is a great suggestion of something to add (also requested here).

The idea of other batch costs being linked to rackings per container type is an interesting one too. As I’m sure you’re aware, manually added “Utility/other batch costs” can be associated with individual actions (such as rackings), but they would need to be added manually each time. The idea of being able to set these up as automatic costs is great!

Is there anything else you’d like to see in the “Margin by invoice” report, other than accounting for shipping charges? Batch costs are already included, but there is the limitation pointed out by @ben-harrison. If there’s nothing else that’s needed, we may do best to split up this thread into individual components and get them implemented in stages.

(There is also a “Margin by customer type” report which works in a similar way, which it worth looking at if you haven’t seen it yet.)

Hi Luke,

I found the report and it is close to what I am after. One problem is the utility/other costs gets lumped into ingredients.

There are 3 columns on the cost reports - “Ingredient cost”, “Packaging cost” & “Duty” which are really useful for so I need to keep them accurate. It would be better if there was a 4th column for these extra utility/other costs. Possibly more than 4 columns if its better to split it out further (e.g. 5th column for delivery or logistics as suggested).

Is that possible?

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Thanks, Adam, yes, this should be doable.

I’ve renamed this thread so we can track this through to implementation for you. This has some overlap with Allocating other batch costs on stock valuations so these may be able to be done together.

Hi Luke,
Do you have an ETA for this feature yet (as well as the Margin by Customer) please?

Will be very helpful once implemented.

(I am new to BREWW myself)

I can imagine that if we use a courier to deliver (one cost for one Invoice) then that will be simple(ish) but how about if we use our own vehicles and deliver to 6 places in a day, will you be able to apportion the cost across the 6 customers?

Many thanks

Thanks Nik, and welcome to Breww.

I’m afraid, there’s no update to report on this yet. We’re working hard to improve Breww all the time, but with multiple requests coming in every day, it takes quite a bit of keeping up with!

We will always post an update on the thread if there’s been any news, so keep an eye on the thread for updates. You can also make sure you’re subscribed to notifications by using the button with a :bell: in it on the right of the thread. It looks a bit like this:



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