How to Create Aliases

Hi, We currently have a stout that we brew but when we rack the product off into Barrels we then Flavour the barrels and wondering how we create a aliases on our system to allow us to keep stock of these flavoured beers and create them on our invoices.

Thanks Matt

Hi Matt,

An ‘Alias’ in Breww is a tool whereby you can sell one beer product under another name (for example, a core beer you may repackage as a seasonal special). The best way to deal with the situaiton you mention is to set up a new product (using the stout as the ‘Packaged Beer’ component and assigning any further stock items used (such as your flavourings / adjuncts) and renaming it with the new name yoou wish to use. This way, you can ensure the name of this product pulls though to an invoice and that you’ve also accounted for any addtions from your inventory.

Becuase these two products share the same base beer, when racking you’ll then be presented with the option of racking into the original stout product or the ‘renamed’ product with the additional flavourings.