Alias BeerAlias products not found


We have Beer A a standard product and Beer B, an alias of beer A. When creating invoice, Breww understands that there are 6 of beer A , thus there are 6 of beer B available to be assigned, However, when we come to assign, either manually or by scanning, we are unable to assign the containers to the order as Beer B. we have found a workaround, but would rather make it easier for ourselves in the long run. Ideas please?

Hi Paul, thanks for your comment! The way you have described how alias beers work is correct, and you should, as you say, be able to assign the stock to either product as they share the same stock pool. There is a possibility that there could potentially be an error with the setup of the Alias product. I would be very happy to investigate this for you and find out what’s happening here! If you could raise a support ticket, and grant us access to your account, that would be great, and I’ll investigate this further! We do also have a Alias, derived & guest beers help guide that you may find useful!