Alias names not appearing on delivery screen


Just looking at our deliveries for tomorrow and on the “Items Required” screen it’s coming up with the original beer name rather than the alias. Is there any way we can have this changed?

Also in regards to alias beer on selecting it in the invoice screen is there any way to be able to see the stock level rather than the infinity loop?

Just another alias related question, if we wanted to put it on the breww store under the alias name, how would we do that? I’ve looked at how to do but to be honest I’m none the wiser!


Hi Ben,

Great point about the Items Required screen. We’ll look to change how this is displayed, so you know how many you need of the primary product versus the alias(es).

And another great suggestion about the quantities on the product pickers for invoices. We’ll get this patched up for you soon.

Finally, for the trade store, this is now possible, but trade store support for aliases was only added a couple of weeks ago. To take advantage, you’ll need to go to the base beer in Breww and click the “Add new alias” button in the “Alias beers” tab. This will let you create an alias beer in Breww which has a subset of the information of a normal beer in Breww, but allows you to customise the name, ABV and trade store description/images. Once the alias beer has been created, go to the alias products (by finding their base product and going to the “Aliases” tab) and edit each one to point it at the alias beer that you just created. When this has been done, you’ll be able to enable them for sale in the trade store settings. The fact that they’re an alias of another beer will be completely hidden from customers ordering on the trade store.



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Just a quick follow-up. The “Items required” tab on deliveries has now been updated to show the total for the “base beer” and also how much of that relates to alias beers underneath.

We hope this is useful :+1:

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Hi Ben,

Just to let you know, you can now see the max quantity available when selecting alias beers when creating an order, rather than the infinity symbol.
I hope this helps!


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