Alias Beer - Picking List


We have a product for a bright beer set up as an alias of it’s original beer - however on the picking list it’s not showing as the Bright Alias - just the original beer?

Ideas please?

Thanks for the message, Libby.

Can you confirm where you mean when you say “pick list” as I’ve checked a few possible places and they do seem to be showing this correctly between the alias and original beer?

The main idea behind an alias beer is that it’s absolutely identical to the original beer and it doesn’t matter which of the two (or more) products some purchase, you will deliver the exact same item. (You might just stick a different label on it just before it goes out the door.)

If this is just the same beer and sold under the same name, but a bright version, I suspect here you might do better to have another product (which isn’t an alias product) which is linked to the original beer and has the special option for bright beer ticked:

If you use a different name for the bright beer and want to keep track of the stock of each separately, you’ll probably want to use a Derived Beer instead of an Alias Beer (and also the above tick box for duty purposes).

With an Alias Beer, you have a single pool of stock that both products will deplete (and as such in some places, we show the combined total to pick - as they’re the same thing). With a Derived Beer, you have two separate pools of stock and Breww will keep separate stock levels and treat them as completed different items, but they can both be produced by brewing a batch of the base beer. We’ve more info on the differences at:

We only launched the Derived Beers feature last summer so it might be that you’ve had these set up as Alias Beers from before we could handle the small, but significant, difference that Derived Beers offers.

I hope this all makes sense, but please do let us know if you have any questions on this.

Thanks Luke - I’ll take a look. To be honest we don’t do a huge amount of Bright beer so setting up an entire new product probably won’t be worth it.


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