Fuzzy delivery areas

in my world i have distinct delivery area/days. Examples… local on a Monday, Liverpool on a Tuesday… and yes, i use the functionality of Breww to draw some muti-sided hoctoganoids all over my map to describe each day’s capture area.

One thing i noticed - we recently had a customer that fell slightly outside the shape i’d scribbled for a Wednesday, and of course when someone placed an order for a cricket club that was marginally outside of our Wednesday shape, it scheduled the order for a Thursday, which was the other end of the M62… not even remotely connected by the delivery areas.

What i’m wondering/asking is… if an order is taken by the sales team and it does NOT fall into the lovely coloured shapes on my map, by the process of some fuzzy logic, could it default to the delivery day or area that is equal to “best fit”?

Just saves a bit of backwards and forwards between sales/logistics when an order looks a bit wonky?

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Thanks, Jason, this makes lots of sense to me! Would you want to specify a limit on how far the address was from the delivery area for it to apply?

Of course, if a customer was a mile out, it makes sense to include them in the delivery area. However, if all your delivery areas were around London (for example) and a customer in Inverness ordered, picking the most north London delivery area probably doesn’t make sense.

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oh yeah, i can see where it might get a bit “woolly” there… what about …a degree of certainty… so anything within 10 miles is a given… so it’d have at least a fuzzy edge to the polygons?
I can also see where there’d be intersection areas where something could fit in two areas and it’d suggest the earliest drop window perhaps?
I think once you get 15 or 20 miles OUTSIDE of any polygon or its fuzzy radius then it should at least “suggest” the closest one… as in the inverness case… the suggestion would be useful but not binding?

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Thanks, Jason. I think we should build this such that you can set the number of miles for the fuzzy-edge. You can then play around with 10, 15 or 20 miles and see what works for you (which might be different for others in other parts of the world).

As it is currently (unless you’re using delivery rules), Breww’s delivery-area-based-dates are always just a suggestion anyway (as Breww doesn’t automatically schedule the delivery, it just suggests to you when you might want to do so).

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