How to configure "Delivery rules" to automatically schedule your deliveries

Delivery rules can be used to tell Breww how to schedule your deliveries automatically. This allows for deliveries to be easily organised onto the correct dispatch date and via the correct method (such as your own vehicle or a courier).

The delivery rules feature can be found in SettingsDelivery settingsDelivery rules. Rules always have a “Start” point, and then you can add “Conditions” (logic/decisions) to guide Breww to the right end result. Here’s a screenshot of an example rule, which hopefully shows the power available to you and how intuitive it is to configure even very complex rules.

To further explain this, we’ve created a short video guide to walk you through how to configure this example rule in Breww:

It’s worth noting that you can link multiple “Condition” results (the green ✓ or red ✗) to the same “Delivery” outcome. This can help you to save space, reduce clutter in your rules and ensure they’re easy for you to understand and maintain in the future.

If you’ve any questions on how to configure delivery rules to work for you, please ask in the comments below.


This has the potential to be really really useful, well done to everyone for pulling it together, however at the movement the list of conditions to choose from is a bit too limited. Is there a plan to increase this going forward?

For example setting this for specific customers or customer groups, or for different product tags etc? So for example all orders from our website to go out by courier.

In addition being able to pull the shipping description from the order would be useful. Our web orders come in with a range of shipping types - if the rules could pick between these that would be a real game changer as this is probably our biggest manual task.

Many thanks

This is great, however I agree with Ben, the list of conditions is limited.
There needs to be a “Refer to” Condition where a delivery cannot be applied at all.
For example, if a delivery is out of an area and is for less than say 6 casks, it needs to be declined and referred back to a management member to authorise or decline the order.

Thanks for the positive feedback! Yes, absolutely - we plan to add further options to this based on feedback from people like yourself.

I’ve noted these suggestions down and we’ll see what we can do :smile:

Hi Luke,

Awesome work, so many possibilities with this going forward!

Just a couple of things I noticed when trying it out.

  1. Is it possible do have another option to set deliver when “Paid”? I’m sure a lot of others will benefit from that too.

  2. Can we use the weights and products to set the number of boxes? You still have to go through each order manually to do that.

  3. Can we allow the delivery step to also set the service type e.g. Express24 etc? You still have to go through each order manually to do that.

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Thanks, Adam. The option to “schedule when paid” and the ability to set the courier service are both great suggestions. We’ll certainly look to get these added in.

Although it would be possible to set a number of boxes here, I’m not sure if this would be better than your other idea in Auto set number of consignment boxes for courier integration/labels and we’d rather just build one (the best) solution. What do you think?

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Had a little look through this too - seems like it’ll be really helpful - couple of things from our side:

  • Is it possible to get conditions for Container Type (e.g. being able to differentiate between a Kegstar & a Keykeg (Steel/Plastic) - it isn’t possible to manage this with weights alone as far as I can see.

  • Will there be some further integration or synergy with Automatic Delivery charges? As the delivery logic is more advanced than can produced with the delivery charges I can see there being discrepancies here.

As always thanks for the great work!


Thanks, Steve.

Regarding the container type, I’m sure we can add an option when creating conditions like “Order has container type”, and you can pick one (or more) container types. Would this cover what you need? The rules might get a little complex if you have orders that contain multiple container types (i.e. Kegstars and KeyKegs), but they should be usable. Or would you need further detail, such as quantities of each container type (this would be more complex for us to implement)?

Synergy with Automatic Delivery charges - this is a great suggestion too! Are you thinking in the “Delivery” block (the outcome of the rule logic), you can choose a delivery charge to apply? If the delivery charge is specifically set on the invoice, customer, customer group or customer type, this would still take precedence, but if not set on any of those, the delivery rule could apply the charge.

Hi Luke,
I think just order contains Container Type would do it - essentially our case would be if an order contains a steel keg/firkin/pin then it needs to go by pallet/self-distribution.

As for the charges, I can see that working I think? I’ll think some more on it, but would definitely be more uniform.

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I think my other suggestion on the boxes is better but a but more in depth and more work.

Just thought setting number of boxes on criteria such as no.products/product types/weighs might be quick and easy for now. At the moment you still have to edit every single delivery to set it correctly so no matter how well the other rules work you don’t benefit from them as much because you still have to manually set part of the consignment.

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Thanks Adam.

I totally see where you’re coming from with this feeling like a simpler (and therefore available sooner) solution to calculating the number of boxes. The problem with us building the quick one is that it will become hard to ever build the “better” solution as we’ll then have two different ways to calculate the number of boxes. Either the two will “fight”, or we’ll need yet another config option somewhere to say which one should take priority and I’m concerned that it will ultimately all become a bit of a mess.

I’ve had another idea on how to calculate the number of packages which I’ve posted here to avoid skewing the conversation on this thread too much.

Hi Luke, does this work on customers imported from integrations, e.g. shopify? I’ve set up rules but it doesn’t seem to have worked, perhaps I have done it incorrectly!

That’s a great question, Matthew. I’m afraid it doesn’t yet work for integration orders that have their delivery scheduled automatically. We’re already working on an update for this, which will allow you to switch this on for integration orders too. It’s slightly more complicated as there are already settings in the integration config section for the type of delivery to schedule, so we had to ensure that these didn’t “fight” with the new delivery rules.

I expect this to be live in early January and will make sure to post an update here when this is ready to be enabled :+1:

It would be really useful to set a conditional filter up so that a workflow only applies to orders that meet conditions affiliated to the customer itself (e.g. name / type / source integration)

This would be particularly useful for web orders so that the following could happen fully automated:

  1. Conditional filter specifies this rule is only to apply to web order customer(s) [e.g. ‘Shopify’]
  2. If customer postcode in one of our direct delivery zones:
  • YES - auto-schedules onto next available run [automation complete - this is as far as the e-comm integration can automate from what I can see]
  • NO - schedule for courier:
  1. This is when being able to set the following would be really handy
  • Specify which courier based on the above conditions
  • State YES/NO per weekdays available - e.g. no weekend auto-scheduling
  • Limit the time cut off for next working day shipping

I could see this conditional filtering and condition setting for steps 1 and 3 being useful for wholesale/distributor pallet orders too, where again we would want a particular courier/haulier to be selected - this time per customer type as a condition - and wouldn’t be looking to ship Friday-Sunday.

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Hello everyone, we’ve added some extra condition filter options now, which should make this feature even more powerful :tada:

We’ve added the following:

  • Customer tags.
  • Product tags (all products on the order will have their tags count).
  • Delivery charge title (this can be entered manually, but most ecommerce/sales integrations will pull through the name of the “delivery method” from the integration).
  • Option to not schedule delivery (it won’t notify anyone, but you can easily view a list of orders filtered by those without a delivery scheduled).
  • Option to set the courier service that should be applied to the delivery (if you’re using our courier integration).

We’ll soon be adding the following:

  • Option for ecommerce integration orders to run through this process automatically.
  • Option to apply on payment (in full) received rather than order confirmation.
  • Option to automatically apply to trade store orders.

Thanks @Ben-OWLove. Most of this was either already possible or is as of the latest update :smile:

I believe the only parts that are currently not possible are the weekday-only option and the customer-type filtering. We’ll look to get this added in a later release :+1:

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Good news, everyone! We’ve released further improvements to this tool :tada:

  • You can now have your delivery rules followed automatically for scheduling deliveries of integration orders (most platforms). To do so, edit the configuration of the sales integration and choose the new “Use my configured delivery rules” option.
  • Delivery rules can now be triggered upon an order being paid in full (in addition to, or as an alternative to, an order being confirmed).
  • There’s an option in Trade Store Settings to automatically schedule trade store order deliveries upon the order being placed.
  • There’s an option in the Trade Store Settings to show an estimated dispatch date in the Trade Store checkout.
  • The “Customer type” has been added to the condition filter options
  • Delivery rules will now respect the “Use next working day if delivery falls on a non-working day” option in Delivery Settings (it didn’t before, and this was considered to be a bug).

We hope this makes this tool even better. Thank you everyone for your ideas and suggestions.