Override a customer/venue’s assigned delivery area/day

We have a handful of venues who we want to deliver to on a different day to the one automatically assigned to them due to their designated geographical area.

It would be good if we can override individual’s default delivery day to reflect what we actually want and to avoid mistakes when inputting orders.

Many thanks!

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Even when automatically assigned you can still manually change the date when inputting the order. Unless I’m misunderstanding you?

It would be good if we could allocate delivery day by customer as opposed to geographical location, Here in Cornwall Postcodes can cover a wide area but be within different delivery boundaries.

I’m sure it would be possible to add an option on a customer to force their deliveries to be part of a specific delivery schedule (e.g. every Thursday), and this would take precedence over any delivery area that they may have fallen into. This would effectively remove any relation to a geographic area.

If this is what you’re looking for, we’ll make this the feature that this feature request covers :+1:

@ben-dumbreck You can define delivery areas by drawing a shape on a map instead of using postcodes if that works better for you? This way, you can define any area you’d like. If you haven’t seen this feature before, please see the original launch announcement:

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Yeah I just discovered this while looking through options! Not sure how I missed it, thanks :smiley:

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Yes, you definitely can do that, which is useful. But when inputting order after order it can get missed. Also, having that bespoke delivery knowledge in everyone’s heads across the team risks it getting missed. I know you can make a private note about it but just easier if you could permanently assign an alternative day


I requested this ages ago so there should be a feature request already going. This is the problem with the feature requests - an idea could have many votes but be spread over several different feature requests so never reach the critical mass for it to be implemented!

You’re right that sometimes duplicate requests are raised, but we (the Breww team) try hard to merge duplicates together to avoid the problem that you’re suggesting. I’m sure there will be the odd example, out of the 700+ requests, where we’ve missed a duplicate, but we’re pretty good at catching them, to be honest, so this isn’t a big problem. If you do ever see duplicates, please do help us by letting us know so that we can merge them (and their votes).

I’ve had a search for the thread that you said you opened, and I cannot find an existing feature request for this. I can see you asked a question (Exceptions to delivery days) and I suggested it became a feature request but there were no further replies, so it never actually became one. If you can give this thread a vote (assuming you’d still like this), that would help us to prioritise it suitably :+1:

I don’t suppose anything came of this request? It would be really useful, for all of the reasons Chess listed above.

For another example, we do local deliveries on Tuesdays and Fridays, a customer places an order over the weekend, we confirm the order on Monday, dispatch on Tuesday, but the customer is closed Mon & Tues, so didn’t see the order confirmation yet and doesn’t order regularly enough that you would remember they need Friday delivery. So it would be a very useful way of avoiding a double delivery charge on our part!

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Not yet, but it’s still on the (rather long) list, so we will get to it when we can. I can see that you’ve voted for it, so that will help push it up the priority list. Cheers.