Editing Hop Contracts

I entered a hop contract in Breww at the beginning of the calendar year. However in January some of the hops were not yet available so I had to spot purchase an amount from a different supplier. Breww took this amount out of the current contract despite the different vendor. Is this an automatic feature or have I inadvertently asked it to do so? I cannot find a way to correct this.
Furthermore, after entering the contract into Breww I was offered some additional amounts, which I added to my contract. But I cannot seem to edit the current Breww contract to include these new amounts.
Is there a way to manually edit these amounts? Or can that feature be added, as especially towards the beginning of the year, I sometimes make tweaks to my contracts.

Hi Stephen,
Thanks for getting in touch.
Please could you create a support ticket (here) so I can gain access to your account to look into this for you? You don’t need to retype your whole message, just write ‘Hop contract help’ and I’ll pick it up.

I’m interested in this as we have the same issue that we sometimes have to buy spot but it takes it from our contract which hasn’t started yet.

Hi John,

Thank you for flagging this with us.

There was an issue that was causing this but this has now been resolved. If there are any contracts that have been taken from incorrectly, please can you create a ticket and let us know which ones so that we can resolve this for you?