Edit who pays the duty on already started contract brews

Is it possible to change a contract brew after it has been set up? Our customer decided to move products under duty suspense, so they will pay the duty. But I have already set up the batches and racked the products.

Thanks for getting in touch Hazel. You could undo the actions from the batch and essentially start again with a new batch but as I can see how changing it after it’s been created would be handy, I’ve moved this over to our feature requests page so the team can look at this.

Hello, this wouldn’t be an option because the brewing is now complete, if the ‘edit batch details’ could include who pays the duty and also the option of whether it is a contract brew or collaboration that would be great.

We think this would be a very helpful feature! Although at this stage, when it has already been packaged, it is slightly more complicated. We could potentially allow editing the duty payment status as long as the packaged beer hasn’t been sold or attracted duty in another way yet - would that resolve your current situation?

Yes that would resolve the situation, thanks Max.