Hop contract improvements for multiple lines, not just hops, fine grain control over which items come from which contract, etc

I just started using the hop contracts feature in Breww, and I think it needs some work.

  1. You currently have to create one for each hop separately. It would make way more sense to start a contract for a supplier and then add each hop and amount as a separate line (just like a sale or a purchase order).

  2. Once a contract is created, it can’t be edited. Our contract started back in November and I entered the original amounts, but then realised there was no way to link historical inventory receipts to hop contracts so I should have just entered the current amount remaining. There was no way to edit so I had to delete and start again. You should be able to edit the original contract amount I think.

  3. The current implementation doesn’t take crop years into account. i.e. if we’ve contracted over several years then we’ll get some 2020 crop, some 2021 crop while there might still be 2020 crop left to draw down. I’ve dealt with this by creating different inventory items for each hop for each crop year, but that seems clunky to me. It would be great if Breww could somehow handle a single item (i.e. “Amarillo”) having different crop years available, and then also different batch codes as well. Not sure about the best way to do this.

  4. There’s currently no way to flag which hops are coming from contract and which are spot buys. For example, say we had some 2021 Simcoe contracted but were offered some cheap 2020 crop and took 20kg of that, Breww would delete them from the contract even though they were a spot buy. I think it would be good to allow the user to specify during inventory receipts whether the hops are coming out of a contract or not.

  5. Edit by Breww team - this is now fixed, thanks for reporting There’s a bug in the current system where hops can come out of contract twice if you revert an inventory receipt to draft and then re-approve it. The hop items themselves correctly go down then up in the inventory section, but the hop contract section doesn’t add the hops back when the inventory receipt is reverted to draft, so they get taken out twice.

  6. My suggestion would be that the hop contract section behaves more like a combination of the sales and inventory sections. i.e. you can see each contract with a supplier as a single item, then click on it to see the items listed. Clicking on these items would give a page with log of all the changes (including the original contract amount as the first line - with an edit option). The log would also show which inventory receipts are linked to each drawdown (with hyperlinks to those), and these could be edited to change whether you want a receipt to come from a contract or not.

On inventory receipts, there could be a dropdown for each line to link that line to a hop contract (this would only return existing contracts for that supplier, so it could stay blank for all other receipts).

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Thanks for the detailed and insightful suggestions, they are very much appreciated and I’m sure these will be useful for many. If others would find this useful, please do vote for this using the button in the top-right of the page.

I can also confirm the bug mentioned in point 5 has now been resolved :+1: Thanks for bringing this to our attention.

Came here to request item number 1 myself. Seems mad how long entering a hop contract takes! Should be as simple as a PO. Thanks

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I think all of these points are good. Was looking specifically if there was a way to get around point 4 when we spot buy. Right now it comes off the contact if there was one in place so it goes out of sync.

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I am really struggling with this section as well.

I just entered our hop contracts, starting with crop year 2022 and then adding CY 2021 afterwards. I did a test purchase order to see if it pulls the hop from the contract and it did, unfortunately it pulled from CY 2022. It seems that Breww pulls from the contract that has been created first which kind of make sense, why would crop year 2021 be created after 2022 but in situation like mine this was the case. I also contracted for several years and in this case there is also no feature that defines in which order Breww is supposed to pull hops from.

After I realised this I wanted to change things around, however I noticed that you cannot delete hop contract or change the code. I wanted to make Amarillo crop 2022 (AM22) to Amarillo crop 2021 (AM21) but could not do this as I could only change the quantity but could not change the code.

I am now left with a bunch of wrong contracts on Breww that I can neither change nor delete.

Help would be much apprecitated.

Many thanks.

Kind regards

Hi, Matthias. I’m afraid you’re right, and this cannot be manually corrected by you yet (although we know this area of Breww needs some improvement).

Are you able to open a support ticket and grant our team access to your account? If you can let us know exactly which PO/inventory receipt you’d like to have the hop quantity moved from the 2022 to 2021 contract, we should be able to make this change for you.

It’s now possible to unlink an inventory receipt from a hop contract :tada:

To do this, go to the hop contract in question, and you’ll see a button next to the inventory receipt in the “Hop orders” section to remove it :+1:

That’s a good step, but does it work in reverse yet? (from an inventory receipt, link a line to a hop contract?)

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Not yet, sorry, but there will be further improvements coming to this area soon.

This would be really helpful to build out this hop contract feature to have other contracts as well for example malt contracts or if you have inventory like boxes or labels that you call off over 3 months that you can track them as well

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