Share real-time batch records when contract brewing and collaborating with other breweries

We have a real treat for you today! To the best of our knowledge, this is another industry-first innovative feature from your friends at Breww :blue_heart:

Do you contract brew for other breweries? You can now use our secure “share links” to share real-time information and data with who you’re brewing for. They don’t need to be a Breww customer to see a live basic overview, but if they are, they can link your batch to theirs and view your records alongside their records. (Some sensitive information, such as people’s names and costs are not shared.)

If other breweries brew for you, ask them for their Breww share link! If they use don’t use Breww (yet), then why not suggest they contact us for a demo. They would get all the benefits that you get, plus of course, they can save more time than ever before by sharing their batch data in real-time.

And it works for collaboration brews too.

Here are some screenshots to show you a little more:

The brewery that’s brewing the beer can share the batch by simply sending you the secure link. For this side of the share, nothing else is different to any other batch:

Anyone with this link will be able to see basic information relating to the batch. They don’t need to be logged in, or be a Breww customer (so don’t give the link to people you don’t want to see this):

If the other brewery (the one not brewing the beer) is also a Breww customer, they can also link this batch to their own “version” of the same batch. When they do, they’ll be able to see their own records alongside those shared by the brewery that’s brewing the batch.

Each of the shared tabs, then becomes a drop-down so the non-brewing brewery can keep their own records as well as see those recorded by the brewery making the beer.

Sensitive information, such as people’s names and costs are never shared. The share is one-way from the brewing brewery to the non-brewing brewery and the non-brewing brewery cannot change any of the data shared with them, they can only view it.

We hope this makes working with other breweries easier than ever before. If you work with a brewery that doesn’t use Breww, why not suggest they get in touch with us for a demo :wink:

We’d love to hear your thoughts and suggestions below… Happy Friday :beer:


Hi guys.

This is a huge bonus for us and one we’ve been waiting for so thanks so much for releasing the update, we’ve been really impressed with it so far.

One question/suggestion I’d have for this is to add in the option for contract brewed beer received to be included as a sort of inventory receipt or similar so that any contract brewed beer received has a stock value. This would then give us access to use some of the more powerful reporting tools like ‘margin by invoice’ and also get accurate automatic stock valuations at the end of each month as I’m currently having to do these manually. This would probably be the last major update for us to really get the most out of the contract brewing model within Breww.


Thanks, Jack, it’s great to hear this is working well for you! We love to receive positive feedback like this :beer:

Regarding costings, you can already associate the costs of beer contracted brewed for you by someone else, but in a slightly different way to how you’re suggesting. Before you rack the beer, you can use the “Utility/other costs” tab to record what you’ve paid for the contract brewed beer. If there’s simply a total cost for the batch that you’d like split over all products received back, you can add this cost with a type of something like “Contract brewing fee” and choose for this cost to be associated with the “Batch creation” action. Everything racked from this batch will then be costed based on this fee.

You can also associate costs with specific other actions, for example, if you pay a fee for the beer to be brewed, then this can be added as above, and then if there is a packaging fee for cans and a different fee for kegs, you could add these other fees separately and associate them with the individual rankings of the cans and the kegs so that Breww knows the true cost of those items (the cost per Litre would be different).

When using this approach, all of Breww cost, margin and stock value reports will see these costs and should allow you to report on them fully. I hope this helps :+1:

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Thanks very much for this Luke, it’s super helpful. I’ll definitely use that for now to get the costs on our contract brewed batches more accurate.

For reference, we purchase contract brewed beer for a set cost per keg, can etc so if there was a way in the future to set a price within the contract brewer tab for all the products we get from each contract brewer, like with inventory suppliers, then I wouldn’t need to manually input the costs for every batch racked, they’d automatically be applied when we received it.