Export function for brew sheet with batch data included

For contract brewing, clients routinely ask for batch production records (for their own traceability requirements) and the brewsheet generated by Breww contains some information - such as grain lot codes, but doesn’t seem to populate with things such as gravity readings etc. Is it possible to have this information populate on the brewsheet pdf?


Hi Ben,

Thanks for the question.
The brewsheet PDF was originally designed to be a blank copy to be filled out by hand, but I can see how exporting an electronically completed brewsheet would be useful.
I’ll add this feature to the list and let you know when it’s ready.


Hey Matt,

Was there any development on this? We are increasing our contact brew clients and are regularly requested for brew sheet updates and having a useable feature on this would be wonderful.


Hey Lewis,

Apologies for not replying to you sooner. Yes, there has been some progress on this. Assigned ingredients batches will now show on the PDF brew sheet, but other information, such as readings don’t currently.

In January, we launched a batch sharing feature intended for exactly this which might be useful, you can click through to the launch announcement below:

If you’d like any extra information shared there, please do let us know.