Contract Brewing in Breww

Breww has a dedicated tool for managing when another brewery produces beer for you.

Setting up

Firstly, you’ll need to set up your contract brewer(s) in Production > View > Contract Brewers > New Contract Brewer. In this creation menu, you’ll be able to specify all the details of your contract brewer and how any duty on beer they produce is handled.

Using the Contract Brewer functionality

Now that your contract brewer is set up, you can plan and start batches of beer with them. To do this, head to Production > Actions > New Contract Brewed Batch. You can also choose whether you’re supplying any ingredients here through the inclusion of a Recipe and where any stock you provide will be taken from.

Once you start the batch, it will be presented in the same way as batches you brew yourself, in that you can log fermentation readings, plan packaging events and store notes.

Receiving your beer back from the Contract Brewer

Beer can be received back from your contract brewer by going into the batch itself > Actions > Rack (package). The racking process is the same as that of any beers you produce yourself, allowing you to specify what products the beer is being racked into & include any additional stock items from your inventory. You can create multiple racking instances from the same contract brewed batch, say for example that half of the batch was kegged and the remainder was canned. Batch labels for anything you’ve racked from a contract brewed batch can be accessed and printed under the Actions tab of the batch.

Selling contract brewed beer

Once the contract brewed batch has been racked, it will now be represented in your Products list and available for sale. Depending on how the Contract Brewer has been configured, this beer will either be held in duty suspense, or duty-paid with any duty being handled at the point of despatch as with any of your other products.

Hi James

Just a quick question on contract brewing. Does contract brewed beer appear as a stock item and thus included as an inventory receipt of sorts in the Xero integration. I can’t seem to see that it’s possible right now but it would be great to have contract brewed batches count as receiving stock/inventory receipts so that the stock values could sync to Xero. Cheers

Hi Jack,

When you enter a contract brewed batch, the beer won’t appear as a stock item, it goes in as a packaged beer product, like if you were to rack it from your own batch. We don’t currently sync products with Xero, but could look into this if it would be helpful.


Thanks Matt

It would be great to get products synced to Xero so we can get accurate real time stock values between the balance sheet and p&l in Xero. We’re just starting to use the inventory receipt & stock sync with Xero so not totally sure how the integration works just yet.

Thanks for the feedback. We’ll discuss this.
If you have any other questions, just ask.


Hi guys

Just another question on contract brewers. Is it possible to use the Breww app to rack beer from contract brewers into our own containers? All I can see on the normal racking page is the option to scan in the scanner data which I’m guessing means we’d need a third party scanner?


Hi Jack,

Thanks for the question.
At the moment, you can’t rack from a contract brewed batch directly from the app.
When using the web view on mobile, you won’t be able to use the mobile’s camera, unfortunately. You can only manually enter containers, or use a dedicated barcode scanner.
Being able to rack from contract brewed batches in the app is on the task list, I’ll add a vote on your behalf to the task.


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