Show Percentage Remaining on "Open Hop Contract" Screen

On the Hop Contract page you can see all the hops you have on contract and how many left but it doesn’t show how many you started with so its hard to see your usage rate. Can it show that starting amount and also a percentage used? Possibly even a kg/week or kg/brew to see if you are using then at a constant rate? I know this last point only really works for hop varieties you use regularly but I think it is useful.

Related to this I think it would be useful if the above was also visible at a hop variety level and not hop variety per contract level. For example if I have 2 hop contract for Amarillo 2021 from 2 supplier for different amounts and I have favoured one over the other to start with then it isn’t immediately clear what has been used for that variety. With the current information in Breww I have to work out manually the total of each variety I have on contract and the total I have used.

Hope that makes sense.

Hi Adam,

Thank you for the suggestion, we think this would be a useful feature!

We also have some other improvements to “Hop contracts” that we’re looking to make, by turning them into “Purchasing contracts” and allowing multiple lines on them too - which will allow you to specify a contract for anything that you purchase. So we can look to add this during those improvements too.

I will add this to the feature request list and let you know as soon as I have an update on this.



A part of this has now been done :+1: You can see the percentage of the hops taken and the percentage of progress through the time period, so you can see at a glance if you’re roughly on track. There are also little pie charts shown so there’s a visual overview.

We’re going to leave this request open as there are more great ideas here which we’ll certainly look to add in the future. Thanks again for the suggestions!