Different Versions of Email Content Templates

We use the “Email Customer” function from within an order so that once we’ve put the order on and clicked “Confirm Order”, we email the invoice to the customer as a confirmation of what they’ve ordered and at what price etc. We leave the radio button option set to “Sales Order”.

We are now beginning to take some pre-payments for orders and for these orders, we can of course click the radio button to email the “Pro-Forma Invoice” to the customer since we’re asking them to make payment.

In this scenario, it would be really good if there was an option in the email settings where there’s different text templates for each email option. In short…

Sales Order template may say (in more words!), “Thanks for your order, here’s confirmation of what you’ve ordered”

Pro-Forma template may say, “Thanks for your order, please find attached the pro-forma for payment before delivery”

Thus, the email content would change when the relevant radio button is clicked as we would want to communicate a different message depending on what we’re sending to the customer.


Thanks for the suggestion, Dave, this makes a lot of sense!

Taking your idea and running with it… we could maybe give you the ability to create as many “email templates” as you like and then when you are in the “Email customer” form, you could choose which template you’d like to use. This would give you the functionality you’re suggesting (although without being tied to Sales Order/Pro-Forma Invoice toggle), but also open the door for other templates such as one specifically for customers paying by direct debit, or for customers where the payment is overdue.

What’re your thoughts on this?

If these ideas would be useful for anyone else, please comment with your thoughts and vote for the feature with the button at the top. We use the number of votes on a feature request as a significant factor in prioritising what to build next :+1:

You boys rock! That would be awesome! What a great idea on extending that functionality even further, love it!

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The ability to show ‘you do not need to pay this invoice - payment will be taken by Direct Debit’ on the invoice would also be great! :smile:

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If you mark your direct debit customers as “Typically pays by Direct Debit”, then words to a similar effect will be shown on the invoice (and you can customise this further by editing your invoice template if you need to). To mark a customer as a direct debit customer, tick the box shown on the main edit page for the customer.

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This is a great idea. Here’s how we would use it, I think the same as @dave-turner:

When the order is not invoiced:

  • Hi x, thanks for your order. Please see attached confirmation.

When the order is a Proforma or the automatic invoice email is being sent:

  • Hi x, thanks for your order which is now dispatched. Please see your invoice at the following link.

Or something like that. While a choosing a template in the email customer form would be good it would be nice to have a default selection based on the invoice status of the order. To save a click or two (and a mistake or two when you’re entering orders in a hurry).

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