Delivery manifest and mobile app to show ETA and outstanding casks/kegs to customer

Hi Team,
Our delivery team think it would be beneficial for the following to be added to the delivery manifests if possible:
Firstly, outstanding casks at premises. Whether that be a drop or an uplift so they can check pubs so we know our cask tracking is accurate. Or if they go to do an empty collection they can easily see how many casks they should be able to get hold of.
Secondly, the ETA as predicted by Breww. A lot of our customers like to be phoned in advance of delivery however they find it hard to judge rough timings between drops. If they could see the ETAs it would make it much easier for them to calculate this more accurately, also it would allow them to see if they are on running on time or not.
Any Q’s let me know!

Thanks for putting these great ideas forward, Kieran.

I’m also just linking this with Show ETA on Delivery Manifest so we have a record of them being related :+1:

That is brilliant. Thanks Luke.

Hi guys, just adding in some suggestions to this thread with regards to delivery ETAs.

We’re finding the ETAs in the advanced delivery module pretty accurate and if a drop is made slightly late or early, the recalculation of ETAs seems to be working really well too. It would be great if the ETAs, recalculated or not, could show in the breww app for the delivery driver out on their route. The driver is the main one who needs to know these to see if they’re managing their route/time through the day. Also having this on the printed manifests would be handy too.

There was mention of SMS ETAs on the advanced deliveries module, is this still in the works?


Thanks Jack, adding the ETA to the app would be a great addition. I’ve renamed this thread to better encompass this.

This is great to hear, thank you! This is certainly one of those things that’s hard to test/model in a test environment vs the real world, and we’ve to some extent been relying on the “no news is good news” feedback in this regard :smile:

Yes, but somehow this has never made its way into the community before! I’ve added it now, so please give SMS text message notification of delivery ETA a vote as that will help us gauge interest :+1:

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Just adding in some more suggestions here.

Would be great to have a break function on the deliveries section, our driver typically leaves at 10am and is on the road all day so takes a 30 min break around lunhctime. If there was the option to insert a break on the delivery schedule, the ETA’s could still remain accurate.

Also with the ETA’s recalculating, this only works if someone in the office on the web app clicks the ‘mark as left duty suspense’ button. It would be much easier if on the deliveries section of the mobile app, there was a ‘start run’ button for each run that performed the same function. The ETAs could then be updated for the exact time the driver left, and possibly send out the sms ETAs if that function was enabled.


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Good news @jack-tavare, you can now schedule driver breaks into your delivery runs. Find out more at How to schedule delivery driver breaks into your delivery runs :tada:

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Nice one Luke, looking forward to trialling it this week.

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What would also be useful is a feature that adds custom stops onto the delivery manifests. My drivers are constantly forgetting to uplift returns/empties/etc.

Have you seen the uplifts feature? That should hopefully solve it for you.
If you don’t select any containers to collect on the uplift, you can also use this feature for any other visits you might need to schedule.

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