Include a "visit" on a (delivery) run/route

I can think of a number of situations in which it would be useful to include a generic “visit” on a delivery run.

We often drop bulk beer (in an Arlington) at 3rd party packagers. So even though this needn’t be associated with an order, it would be useful to have it on the Delivery Manifest, and ideally, have a delivery note (or similar) available.

Likewise, collecting packaged beer.

Currently, this can be worked-around by scheduling an “uplift” (with no containers), which does get the visit on the Manifest (but no delivery note), or by using a Service product (we have one for dropping off, and another for collecting - zero priced - but this produces pointless invoices).

I’m sure there are other applications.

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We do exactly the same work around for picking things up. We have even set suppliers as customers as well as suppliers so that we can use the uplift function to allow us to schedule the van to pick things up. It works but its a bodge


Would be great to add a purchase order to a run too - where we collect rather than have it delivered


I’m just linking this with Customer and lead mapping and visit (field sales) route optimisation, as they could share some of the groundwork. They should probably remain as separate features as this one would be grouped into delivery runs and the other would be grouped into “sales routes”, but hopefully when the first is built it can lay the foundations for the other.