How can I set up a container uplift (collection) from a customer?

Arranging a collection from a customer

Breww has dedicated functionality to help you with collecting containers from your customers. To set up an uplift/ullage collection for a single customer, go to the customer’s page, then click on the Containers in trade & uplift orders tab, then click Schedule uplift. The uplift will then show with your deliveries for that day, and can be added to your optimised route!

Finding customers needing a collection and arranging in bulk

There is also a fantastic tool to find containers that likely need collecting (based on how long they’ve been with the customer) and quickly arrange uplifts into your day. This can be found at ContainersActions & toolsBulk arrange container uplifts.

Processing an uplift

During the delivery day, you can confirm which containers were collected from the customer and complete the process. You can also confirm if the container was empty, or if there was beer in it to be ullaged and reclaimed on your duty return. This ensures that you always have visibility of which containers are in trade with which customers.

Uplifts fit perfectly into Breww’s advanced route planning tools so that you can optimise them efficiently into your driving route alongside the deliveries for the day.

Handling containers already back at the brewery

If you’ve already got the containers back at the brewery, and they were not collected as part of a pre-arranged “uplift” (as described above), you can return them quickly in Breww by using the Containers tab on the mobile app, or by navigating to Containers > Actions & tools > Return or move containers and filling out the steps shown.