Driver/vehicle location tracking using Breww mobile app and showing location on the route map

I’m just opening a thread here for a feature which has been discussed privately a few times but has not made it onto the community feature requests list yet.

As you likely already know, Breww has a mobile app for Android and iOS. We’re considering adding functionality to the mobile app for this to log the driver’s location (GPS coordinates) back to the Breww platform, so you can see the driver’s location in near-real-time.

We envisage this feature being available as part of our Advanced Deliveries addon. If you have the addon, and choose to enable this feature, then a delivery run could be assigned to a user and the mobile device logged in as this user will get location updates pushed to Breww, so you can see their position on the delivery route map.

If you’d find this useful, please do give this a vote using the button in the top-left, and share any comments with us below. Thanks :sunglasses:


Hi Luke,

Great idea and would really help our sales team out! We are all for this!




That would be very handy so a vote from us too. :beers:

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Great idea, very helpful to enable us to share the location and estimated delivery time with the customer.

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