Delivery KPIs and reporting

There is currently next to no delivery reporting for KPI’s. There is no automatic daily/weekly/monthly report for mileage, van weights, stock items, orders per run/per van etc…

You have to manually go in day-by-day to note this data down per run and then run a few other separate reports to get half of what you need.

Thanks for the suggestion, Thomas.

If you have an example of how you would like this to look, please can you post it here? We can develop something, but if you know a format that worked well for you, that would be great to see to make sure that what we built is as good (or better).

Cheers :+1:

A delivery report (one for each fulfilment - ‘own delivery/collection/courier deliveries’) - with filter options for: a date / a specific day of the week / week/ month/ year.

It would report on things like:
Own deliveries

  • Delivery Date / Day / Customer name / driver name / vehicles used / number of runs / number of orders / total weight delivered / weight delivered per van / per run / vol. delivered / total small pack delivered / total kegs delivered / delivery start time / return time / total driving time / miles per run / total miles / containers collected / CO2 in kg calcs on each van (avg. mpg on van - add this as a metric to ‘vehicles’ in delivery settings) /cost per order/ per run / load efficiency.

Collection info required)

  • Collection date / customer name / number of items / number or kegs / number of small pack / total weight / vol / failed or collected / user who completed collection.

Courier collection

  • Delivery Date / Day / Customer name / user who completed collection / courier name / number of orders / total weight delivered / vol. delivered / total small pack delivered / total kegs delivered / number of pallets delivered.

These are just a few of the kpi that are important to be able to report on.

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Thanks, Thomas; this is really useful and is certainly plenty to get started on!

If anyone else would like to see this, please give this thread a vote :+1:

Agreed Thomas!

The HL delivered, weight delivered, mileage per van, per run etc etc. would def be super helpful.

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