Delivery Drivers section, visibility, document storage & assign a driver to a run

Please can we look to develop the ability to assign drivers to a run . It is useful to be able to know who delivered where and on what date. Perhaps a whole delivery driver section where you could upload your drivers and add their credentials, e.g. driving licences, vehicle types (car/van/lorry/forklift). Then you could use a drop-down to pick the driver for each van run.


This is an excellent idea. As a starter for ten it would be great to be able to see who was in what van in this section below, just so you could refer to it at a glance.

Ie. AAN - Run 1 - John Smith

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We agree - this would be great. Please make sure you vote for this thread if you’d like to see this, as the votes are an important factor in our prioritisation algorithm :+1:

For more information on how voting and feature requests work, please see 💡 Posting ideas & feature requests for Breww 💙

In addition, an easy way to swap driver/run without having to select/de-select everything and reassign?

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It would be really helpful if you could assign specific drivers to deliveries. We want to know in hindsight who delviered what and when and be able to run reports on how much they have done. It doesnt work if its just vehicles as our drivers switch around, sometimes have a drivers mate etc so would need to do it per day.