Knowing a van's current weight at sales stage

It would be really useful when inputting sales if Breww could indicate what the current weight is of your van/s so you can know if the van is at risk of being full.

It would be useful to do this at the sales stage, rather than stock allocation stage, to avoid a multi-person sales team inputting orders on a given run/day only to find out at allocation stage you’ve overdone it.

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Thanks for the suggestion.

I understand the issue you’re wanting to solve here, but I’m not sure the proposed solution is the right one. The difficulty is that a delivery isn’t allocated to a specific vehicle until you do this in the deliveries section of Breww (either manually or via our route planning tools).

We could look at all your vehicles, check their combined weight capacities and then check that all deliveries assigned to this date don’t exceed this, but this assumes each vehicle only does one run per day, and Breww is capable of handling multiple runs per vehicle per day. You also may not use a vehicle on a day, for example, some breweries have two vehicles and only use both on the busier days.

We could possibly add a setting to allow you to specify a weight and if the combined deliveries of any delivery date were to exceed this weight, you’d get a warning when scheduling the delivery date?

Hi Luke. Thanks for this and what you’ve suggested definitely would work for us. Hopefully it would work for others too, to be able to account for all capabilities within a given team.

Do you know a timescale for implementing such a feature?

Many thanks!

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That’s great. We don’t have a timescale yet as we’ll need to fit this into our priorities and schedule. The more votes a request has, however, the higher up the list it will be so if anyone else would find this useful, please use the vote button above. There are other factors in our prioritisation, but number of votes is one of the most significant ones :+1:

Hi Luke, I like the sound of what you’ve suggested. I would like to see a weight total at the bottom of the list for each van run. Currently, if we exceed capacity and have to split the run up we need to manually calculate the weight and adjust accordingly. This can be fiddly, if the total weight per run was at the bottom of the page, we would be able to more easily calculate excess capacity and move orders around with more ease.

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