Contract Brewed In-House

Hi – Maybe I’ve missed it but I can’t find anywhere in the Help or Community that explains what “Contract Brewed In-House” actually is and how it differs from a “Standard Beer” when creating a new batch.

If I select “Contract Brewed In-House” as an option for Brew Type, it then prompts you to enter the “Brewery/customer brewing for” and provides a blank dropdown list which I can’t figure out how to populate.

Can someone run down the steps that should be taken to setup a Customer as a Contractee and explain what the various features are in Breww that support contract brewing for others?

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Hi Chris

Thanks for raising and using the community.

‘Contract brewed in-house’ means a beer you have brewed in your brewery for someone else to sell as their own branded beer.

The blank dropdown you mention is also an opportunity to add the customer, i.e. the brewery you are contract brewing for. If you start typing the customer name, it should populate.

This link here will take you to the guide created by my colleague James - Contract brewing in Breww.

It provides a complete run-through of the steps required to set up a contract brew via the Breww platform.

However, the contract brewing function isn’t currently optimized for TTB. I have added this as a feature request and will keep you posted on the progress. When you run through the guide above, you will see a reference to ‘Duty’ instead of ‘TTB’.

Drop me a direct line if you want to discuss this further, as always happy to help.