Breww was unable to find a container


I’m trying to do some racking… but when I attempt to scan a cask - no luck.

Using the app for racking to recently created containers. Am getting:

"LBC17 not found

Breww was unable to find a container…"

It appears that the container is there (at least it shows up in containers, empty, in the brewery and all. Seems to be the right type.

What am I doing wrong?

I’ve got an open support ticket for this, but if anyone has an idea, please sing out. Ta.

Hi Jon,

When you start a racking process on the app, Breww loads all applicable containers at this point, so it may be that you started the racking process before these containers were created. If this might be the case, I’d suggest starting the racking process from fresh by using the “Reset” button in the top-right.

If this doesn’t resolve it, can you double check that this container is of the right container type for the product that’s being racked.


Thanks Luke, and thanks for suggestions. Have reset the racking and re-attempted - same problem.

It appears that it’s the right container type, but we’ve had some issues “onboarding”, and it looks almost as if we’ve got a product with a container type that doesn’t exist, even though there is one with that name: “9G Cask”.

I’ve noticed that labels for this product have printed out with a gross volume of 40.914 (a value that some twit entered in our old system), rather than the sensible 40.9 that the current “9G Cask” now has configured.

Thanks Jon,

It looks like this has been resolved via the ticket, so we should be all good now, but please do let us know if not. Essentially, the products were linked to an older (now “deleted”) container type named “9G Cask”, not the current one which the containers were linked to. As these both had the same name, they looked the same to you and me, but to the computers, they’re completely different container types.

Please let us know if you still have problems, but if so, it’s probably better to do so on the ticket so we have account access to investigate further for you. Cheers.

:clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: Thank you! It seems to be all fixed. The colleague who was doing this stuff is on leave at the mo, so unavailable for interrogation. Although I’m sure it’ll turn out to be something I told them to do.

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