Racking from Container (Overriding fractional amounts)

I am attempting to rack from a half bbl keg into 3x sixtels, but I’m assuming because of a rounding error (1.667*3=5.001) it won’t let me complete the racking. Is there a way around this? Cheers.

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The error I get is " * You are attempting to rack a total of 0.5 bbl, but there is only 0.5 bbl available to rack from the chosen container(s)."

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Thanks Ben, and I’m sorry that you’ve had this issue. We’ll look into it and get back to you shortly.

Hi Ben - thanks again for the message. We’ve been investigating this, and rather than a rounding “error”, we think it’s actually more like Breww is being overly strict!

I’m guessing you have your gross capacity for your sixtel container type set to either 5.1667 or 5.167 gallons due to the fact 31 / 6 = 5.1666666667 is a recurring decimal which you obviously can’t enter exactly.

Breww is currently strictly enforcing 5.1667 × 3 = 15.5001 gallons cannot be packaged from a half barrel container of 15.5 gallons due to the fact you are strictly 0.0001 gallons short (although it looks like the error message was unhelpfully rounding this out so that this wasn’t clear!).

We’ve been discussing this internally, and as it’s not possible to enter recurring decimal amounts as a gross capacity, Breww will now check whether the difference is within a tiny tolerance that could be the result of a recurring decimal and allow you to continue with the racking if so.

I hope that helps, but please let us know if you still can’t rack your sixtels from a half barrel!

How many significant figures must you go to for your container sizes? Why not just call them 5.1666 ? i.e. truncate, rather than round up.
(or 19.55L :grinning:)

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Thank you! And I didn’t mean to imply Breww was wrong (throwing an “error”) but moreso that rounding up the repeating decimal was weird. I just checked and it looks like we’re good to go. Much appreciated!

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Or use the metric system :smiley:

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I’ll submit a ticket, but every time I attempt to do this now I get an internal server error. It happens on desktop, iPad, and my phone both yesterday and today. I’m assuming it is because it showing a -0bbl loss?

Hi Ben, thanks for raising this as a ticket, and sorry for the issue here; we have flagged this with the team, who are looking into this now for you. Cheers!