Inconsistent barcode scanning

We have an issue with inconsistent scanning on the mobile apps (on both android and ios) while racking beer into keg and cask.
We often get multiples of the same scan happening in quick succession. So for instance when scanning 6 kegs on a pallet we can end up with 10+ barcodes scanned (so a couple of dulpicated scans).

There seems to be some sort of error correction when the scan is processed, so the kegged total only goes up by 6, but it does prompt that certain stock items (keg caps, for example) will be reduced by the higher number. I haven’t managed to find the time to investigate if the stock items are actually depleted by the duplicated scans amount or not.

This can cause issues where the list of scanned numbers is not checked properly to ensure that amongst all the duplicates that you have the correct amount of separate numbers.

This seems like it could be pretty simply fixed by adding a prompt on scan to confirm the number with a tap?


Same issue with my Android.

Thanks for letting us know about this issue, guys.

We’ll investigate this urgently and let you know when we have an update.



We’ve been looking into this today and testing extensively, and haven’t (yet) been able to reproduce the issue quite as described.

Do you think this might only happen if you go from the step where you add the kegs, to the step where you add the stock items, then back to the screen where you select the kegs?

Here’s an example - let’s assume you have one keg cap attached to the product:

  • From the container step, add 6 kegs
  • Continue to the stock item screen, and 6 keg caps will be shown
  • Go back to the container step
  • Go forwards again to the stock item screen, an additional 6 keg caps will be added, giving a total of 12

Or another example:

  • From the container step, add 6 kegs
  • Continue to the stock item screen, and 6 keg caps will be shown
  • Go back to the container step
  • Add another 2 kegs
  • Go forwards again to the stock item screen, an additional 8 keg caps will be added, giving a total of 14

If this sounds like the problem, we’ve found it - we’ll get a fix out by the end of the week.

We’ve not been able to reproduce a problem relating to duplicate scans as such, but if you don’t think the above describes what you’re seeing, please do say, and we’ll keep digging into it.

Cheers and thanks again for letting us know about this issue :grinning:


I think I have had this problem before, it was just when I was scanning casks on the racking tab, it would scan a cask multiple times.
It hasn’t happened for a while but here is a screenshot of the problem. I think I had to shut the app down completely and go back into it to get it to work properly.


Thanks Tim, this is really useful information and the screenshot also helps significantly. Clearly there is an issue here that we need to resolve.

We’ll keep digging and get back to you shortly :+1:

Yeah, it’s at the scanning change, there’s no way to remove duplicates manually so you either have to proceed with the duplicates in place or back out and start again.

Thanks everyone for your input, we’ve managed to reproduce this issue now and get it fixed :tada:

Sometimes when using container barcodes which were not generated by Breww, these barcodes container extra characters which are superfluous. Breww can handle these to make migrating from a previous platform to Breww easier, but we had an issue in the app where the checking that a scanned barcode is not a duplicate wasn’t handling these superfluous characters properly.

We’ve patched this up today and pushed a new version of the app to both the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store today. We’ll need to wait for both Apple and Google to approve the app update - this is usually same-day, but can occasionally take a few days.

The new version of the app with the fix is version 1.9.0, so keep your eyes out for this version and if you happen to still have this issue after upgrading to this version, please let us know.

In this update we’ve also fixed the doubling up of stock items which I mentioned above, and added a new feature to prevent racking details being lost if the app is closed or crashes for some reason during the process.

Thanks again for bringing this issue to our attention and your patience while we fixed this :beers:

Hi @luke just a heads up that the new update is working great, thanks for sorting so promptly!

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Fantastic, thanks for confirming, James!