Keg Scanner not popping up from the app window

We have been manually adding our keg barcodes for a week or so now and tried to use the app to scan the kegs into our stock. Our rep confirmed that our coded keg stickers would work with the app. We tried to scan them and there is no scanner that pops up when we use the app therefor not letting us scan kegs into the app. Thanks

Thanks for the question, Landon. There are no known issues related to this with the app.

Could you send us a screenshot that shows the button you’re pushing that you are expecting the scanner to pop up on, but it’s not?

Luke, I am having a hard time getting you a screen shot from my phone. I figured out how to use the scanned kegs feature from the bottles/package icon on the bottom of the app.

If you you go to package through the batch and go to Rack(package) and select your vessel which for us is a 1/2bbl returnable keg. I use the dropdown and get that and then move along to where I can either manually enter the kegs or scan them in. The text field that says press here and then scan the keg into the system and don’t manually edit the text after it has been scanned box. What I am saying is that the press here function is not working.

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Ah, I think I know the issue; thanks for the explanation. If you’re in the first “tab” in the app labelled “Breww”, this doesn’t currently trigger the scanner. It’s not broken in the sense that it’s not meant to, but it’s a great idea that it should! This box is intended for those using the web interface on a computer and using a USB/Bluetooth barcode scanner connected to their computer. It just happens to also be viewable on the mobile app.

If using the mobile app, we’d recommend racking using the “Package” tab (at the bottom of the screen on iPhones and top on Android). In this section of the app, the barcode scanner can be used.

Does this solve the issue, or is there a reason why you cannot use the “Package” section of the mobile app? Cheers :+1:

That is perfect thank you. I think the wording in that text box is a little misleading.

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Yes, I agree that it’s confusing - I’ve opened a request for this to be improved: Open the cask/keg barcode scanner when racking/packaging using the mobile app in the web view ("Breww tab")

Apolgies for the confusion and thanks for helping us make Breww even better!

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