Automatically return casks scanned at rack

When scanning a cask for racking (in packaging side of the app) if a cask hasn’t been marked as returned it kicks you out of the barcode scanner and asks you to confirm it’s returned and ready for use. Is there any chance of an option in settings to make this automatic? For us, casks on the caskwasher at this stage, i.e. being sterelised pre-rack are always returned and ready, so it’s slightly frustrating to be asked on repeat. Of course, they should have been scanned back at the point, but they’re are always ones that are missed. Thanks.

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Great news - this is now available :tada:

We’ve recently released a brand new racking tool on the mobile app. The new tool shares a lot more functionality with the web-based version of Breww, and has support for our app’s built-in barcode scanner and more.

In the new version of the racking tool, you’ll be able to continue to scan all casks/kegs and will after be prompted to confirm if any needs to be marked as returned/empty.

We’re in a period of testing the new mobile app racking tool, so for now, you can use either racking tool. We plan to remove the old tool soon, so if you have any feedback on the new version, please let us know as soon as possible at New Racking Feature Feedback. Thanks!

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