Barcode scanner for cask return in app

Would it be possible to add the barcode scanning capability into the container return section on the mobile app? We don’t have a separate scanner so tend to rely on the mobile app for most of our cask out/in tracking.


Hi Carrig,

Thanks for getting in touch. This has been a heavily requested feature for the app, especially recently with pubs opening up again. I’ve added your “vote” to the feature as well which has pushed it up the priority list. We’ll make sure this is done in our next round of updates to the app and will let you know here when it’s ready for use.



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We’re delighted to announce that this feature is now available on the mobile app :iphone:

Yesterday, we submitted the latest version of the app for both Android and iOS to the relevant app stores for approval. Google has approved it for the Play Store this morning, and we’re expecting Apple’s approval very soon (hopefully later today).

Once you’ve updated the app to version 1.5.0, you should see a new option at the top called “Containers”. We hope this make life with Breww even easier!

Edit 26th June: Apple have now approved this update too, so this is also available for iOS devices now.

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Thanks! this is great news