Total scanned counter

Would it be possible to add (or am I missing?) a total for the number of containers scanned, using the barcode scanner in the app, when racking out?

I agree this would be really useful.

Could I tag on a request for a vibrate alert on your phone every time you scan a barcode? Sometimes it’s quite hard to see the screen when you are scanning a barcode in the rim of a cask.

While we are after functions on barcodes, flashing up the name of the customer on screen when you scan a delivery label would be handy too.

Finally, the option to manually assign casks from the delivery side of the app would be great at some point too.

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Thanks for these suggestions they’re all great ideas. I’ve add these onto the list of requests for our next app update, so we’ll see if we can get them added in.

On iOS there is already the vibrate feature when scanning a barcode, but we had issues with this on Android so it didn’t make the cut in the end. I’ll get this looked into again to see if we can find a resolution.


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