Improve list of containers scanned when racking on the mobile app to allow easier removal of containers

The recent update for scanning containers is greatly improved!

One thing that could be improved further, is how BREWW deals with the issue with a scanning error.

I’ve just racked and scanned 90 firkins. I had one error show. (One of my colleagues changed a damaged label yesterday when cask washing and forgot to change it on BREWW)

I went to change it on our computer, but them the app on my phone removed all of my scanned casks, meaning having to do it again!

I went and scanned all 90 again, this time, one of the labels was ‘missed read’ by my phone (another label that will need replacing… our fault admittedly :roll_eyes:)

I tried to find it on the list to alter it manually. But looking through that list of letters and numbers is horrendous!.. Long story short, I ended up loosing all my scanned data AGAIN.

I have now scanned them all again for the THIRD time, and no issues. But getting there was enough to drive anyone mad!

Thanks for the suggestion, Langers, and it’s great to hear that the recent scanner update is working well for you.

I’m delighted to confirm that we’ve already improved this process on the mobile app based on your feedback :tada:

Here’s a short mobile app screen recording to show what’s changed. Instead of the text input, you see a neat table showing each container scanned. The red button can be used to remove any scanned container if there’s been a mistake, and if there’s a detected misread, you can remove it by using the button shown at the end of the video.

Sorry, the video is a little rough and ready, and we hope this proves helpful! Please let us know if you’ve any other suggestions.

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