Improvements to Planned packaging and delayed racking release stock control (allow overselling if stock will be available in time)

A great addition would to resolve the following limitation:

We currently have 100 cases of a beer in stock. We have a planned packaging scheduled next week for 400 cases of the same product. We have an order in for the week after that for 300 cases of the same product. This causes the product to show as being oversold by 200 cases NOW, and won’t let us add any to orders this week (or any time before the planned packaging next week), despite the fact the current availability is in fact 100 cases, as the order for 300 cases isn’t scheduled until after the planned packaging run of 400 cases.

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We’re in a similar situation with some pending release - conditioning casks. We move some to our off site storage or presell some (ideally) but currently can’t do that with how Breww is set up. Definitely a useful feature if it can be worked in.


Hi Matt,
This would be very useful to us as we find ourselves adding orders and removing them to prioritise sooner deliveries which is not ideal!


Yes please to this. We end up putting orders into spreadsheets and calendars to workaround this and we want everything to be in Breww :slightly_smiling_face:

As it works currently, an order placed that’s intended for a future batch (after the next planned packaging) will cause the current batch to go out of stock. If it’s for cans, our web shop then goes out of stock which obviously impacts revenue.


This would be super useful and save a few headaches if this can be done.


We are in a similar situation also.

We have a number of larger bulk orders that are put on well in advance. This is very much the case with lager products which have a long production time. For example between May-August we commonly have a number of larger orders for festivals and special events.

These orders will usually be put on as Pre Orders in Feb-March to help plan our production calander and in total may account for 250+ kegs/casks of our most popular beers. This means that from mid-March right the way through to the end of August all of the “Available Stock” figures in Breww for these products do not accurately reflect what I have available to sell that week. In some cases I might have 28 kegs of a beer in stock in the cold room, but be told I have -98 or more.

I need to manually list and account for all of the pre order stock, subract it from the total ammount of available stock, taking into account open orders going out in the short term.

This also applies to some packaged beer products. It would be great if changes could be made to help manage this. As currently putting on long-term pre orders hinders rather than helps.

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We need this resolved quite urgently, as otherwise we are unable to use the “delayed racking releases” and “prevent over-selling” features effectively. Constant workarounds (e.g. releasing stock prematurely) are inelegant, prone to human error, and render the aforementioned features far less useful.


Hi, we also need this resolved urgently due to a lot of the issues above.


We’re new to Breww and have just come up against this issue. I’m surprised this is a feature request, because it’s essentially a non-functioning element of the system. We effectively have physically available stock that Breww won’t allow us to sell, and that’s not right.

It’s not a quirky situation, it’s part of everyday operation. We have stock, we have future production and orders, Breww should know how much we can sell ahead of the restock, and allow us to do that.

It’s a great system, we’re really happy to be on the platform, and the dev team are really responsive. I hope this can get sorted quickly, please.


As a workaround, we were wondering about creating some “pre-sale” products (out of stock automatically substituted by the real product). Create some inventory by a stock adjustment… then zero those stock levels when real stock is available. If we remember. So we can do pre-sales via Sellar. What could possibly go wrong :slight_smile:

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I don’t believe this has been mentioned before(apologies if it has) but what is the possibility on showing the “Delayed Racking Releases” batches or “Planned Packaging” stock to the list of options for “Assigning batches to orders” feature. This may help a lot of issues with available stock being taken up by large orders for future delivery.

Let me know your thoughts.



This is crucial to fix in our view it’s a real pain point for us - almost a deal breaker in the system given there are future planned batches we just want to sell available stock and forward sell future batches without needing to ‘fudge’ the system. We use draft orders to allocate available stocks as multiple sales people need to prospect with available stock confidently and here ‘prevent overselling’ needs to be on.

This issue is we are prevented from adding or fulfilling ‘here and now’ orders due to having future orders on that is getting now stock allocated (even when we assign future batches on those orders).

The totality of stocks available now and in the future seems to merge and get messy.

We don’t want to have ‘prevent overselling’ off and the work around is to have to manually eye ball stock and then turn this off temporarily to add current orders to allocate available stock on ‘now’ orders.

This the current set up in the system seems flawed. We end up with negative stock levels in the future when there are planned packaging runs and we are unable to sell now stock due to future order.

As a new user this is the biggest hurdle in the system we have met so far. Sales teams want to sell until sold out on current and future stocks with ease knowing the numbers available are accurate without having to remember what we have sold to who when and do a lot of maths and thinking to ensure we aren’t over selling!



Would it be possible to have an update from the Breww team on this one please? I’m aware from previous discussions that it’s not an easy fix but I’m curious to know if it’s something that will be tackled at some point or your investigations have concluded that it’s not possible without major development work and therefore not likely to be addressed.

We’re still having to use calendar reminders and spreadsheets to work around this so we don’t book future orders which allocate current stock when the order doesn’t require the current stock. We’ve kind of got used to that but still make mistakes occasionally and sell stock we don’t have or miss out out sales because it wasn’t clear stock would be available in time.

The ideal solution for us would be that, when placing an order for a product which has both current stock and future stock under planned packagings, that Breww prompts you to select from which the order should allocate stock. A secondary very useful feature would be that when running e.g. the available products report, you could select a future date and show future stock from planned packagings. Very handy when booking/prospecting future sales, again without having to use spreadsheets to track things.