Being able to download the CRM Dashboard data

Hi all,

It’d be great to be able to download the data currently showing in the Leads Dashboard, as currently we can see how many customers converted over the course of a month, or how many leads were Lost due to various reasons, however there is no way of seeing what these customers or these leads were in 1 report.

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Hi all, is there any update whether this could be made available to download? As we are seeing an increase to our incoming leads, it becomes impossible for our managers to track leads and their statuses without being able to export a report onto excel. We’re also unable to check which leads were lost as the CRM Dashboard doesn’t allow us to click through to analyse the data.
Thanks, Alice

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Following some improvements to how we handle “list” pages throughout Breww, this is now easier to do than it was when first asked for. We’ve added an export button to the main leads list page now. If you use the ViewLeads list button from the main leads dashboard page, then you should see an Export button to the top-right of the list.

I hope this helps and thanks for your patience with this.

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This is perfect Luke, thanks so much for developing this!

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Hi Luke,

Would it be possible to add more columns to the Leads list view at all? So for example where we can filter by specific items (tags, last activity date etc…), could we add these onto the general view?


Thanks, Alice. It sounds like it would be better to use the Raw Data Explorer in this case so you can choose the fields that you’d like included. Something like this share code should get you started:


And Add customer tags to the Raw Data Explorer might be worth a vote :+1:

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