How to use share codes with the raw data explorer

A share code allows you to share the “settings” for a Raw Data Explorer report with others (such as the fields to include and the filters to apply). They don’t share the data itself, so they can be shared between different breweries and safely posted publically on the Breww Community.

Generating a share code

To generate a “Share code”, simply build a report and use the Generate share code button. The share code doesn’t include any actual data, it just stores the type of report, the fields to view and the BrewwQL filter. This allows someone else to easily re-run a report that you’ve made, without you needing to save it.

The codes can even be shared with others outside of your business (such as here on the Breww Community), as all you’re sharing is the fields to view and the filters. If someone from another brewery uses your share code, they’ll see the report using their own data.

Using a share code

To use a share code, you head over to the Reporting main menu item, then use the Create from share code button in the Raw data explorer section.

Video guide

Please see the short video below for a guide on how to use share codes: