Bulk editor/updater for Leads (with bulk tagging)

We are looking to ramp up our use of the sales and CRM functionality in Breww. To help make this easier it would be really useful to be able to do the following with leads and customers:

  1. Bulk editor to leads to enable easy removal of sales persons and change of status.
  2. Apply tags to groups (Customer Lists, lead statuses) as a single operation

This would really help with managing a sales process.

Is there anything else that others have thought of to help the CRM process.


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Thanks for this suggestion.

We’ve plans to change how some of our “List” pages work to share some more of the underlying infrastructure than they do at the moment. Off the back of this, we should be able to implement options for bulk updating the data shown in tables, with these being great examples.

Thanks for putting this forward :+1:

If anyone else would like to see similar bulk changes (i.e. applying the same change to lots of leads/customers/orders/etc at the same time), please let us know what they are below and give this thread a vote with the button in the top-left.


I know there’s one for customers but it would be great to have the same for leads. Going through and changing things one by one is incredibly time consuming.


Would really like this feature also. The leads function at the moment. We have made a mistake with our leads in that we have added 1000’s from our old CRM that are not showing as Customers in Breww. Therefore they can’t be part of any lists and I don’t think they can then be included in any mail chimp integration. We also can’t bulk update email contacts, tags, names, etc for leads.

Upvoting Luke and really wish I could upvote twice!

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Hi Luke,

Is there any update on the ability to update leads. I understand its lower on the vote list but is holding back our process for managing a large number of leads. We’ve tried to use the lists but not being able to bulk assign sales persons and tags makes this function hard to keep on top of.

Any ideas or updates much appreciated.


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I’m sorry, there isn’t an update to share on this yet. We have given some thought to how to go about implementing this in a way that we can leverage to roll out bulk updates to more and more areas of Breww, but it’s not made it to the top of the list yet.

Please keep the votes coming in on this and we’ll see what we can do. Sorry, I don’t have a clearer timeframe for this yet.

Thanks for the update.

Is there a way to bulk convert a lead to a customer? We can bulk update the customers so i could just convert all the leads to ‘customer’ with a tag of lead for the moment, then use the customer updater.

No problem if not but if there is a way for you guys to do that in the back end that would be a huge help.

Sorry for the slow response, Luke. There’s not a tool to let you do this currently, I’m afraid, but we might be able to make a one-off conversion for you. If you can open a support ticket with the full details of exactly which entities you’d like converted from lead to customer (ideally include a BrewwQL filter that results in the correct list of leads), then we may well be able to run this for you in the back end :+1: