Bulk editor/updater for Leads (with bulk tagging)

We are looking to ramp up our use of the sales and CRM functionality in Breww. To help make this easier it would be really useful to be able to do the following with leads and customers:

  1. Bulk editor to leads to enable easy removal of sales persons and change of status.
  2. Apply tags to groups (Customer Lists, lead statuses) as a single operation

This would really help with managing a sales process.

Is there anything else that others have thought of to help the CRM process.


Thanks for this suggestion.

We’ve plans to change how some of our “List” pages work to share some more of the underlying infrastructure than they do at the moment. Off the back of this, we should be able to implement options for bulk updating the data shown in tables, with these being great examples.

Thanks for putting this forward :+1:

If anyone else would like to see similar bulk changes (i.e. applying the same change to lots of leads/customers/orders/etc at the same time), please let us know what they are below and give this thread a vote with the button in the top-left.

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I know there’s one for customers but it would be great to have the same for leads. Going through and changing things one by one is incredibly time consuming.

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