Allow downloading credit notes from accounting software (Xero, Quickbooks, etc) so they can be applied to Breww invoices

Our distributor issues invoices to us for non-production related expenses such as marketing expenses, sales incentives, etc that don’t make sense to track in Breww. We “pay” these invoices by issuing a credit memo to the distributor. These credit memos are then used by our distributor to offset payment against invoices owed and the tracking and recording of all this happens within our accountancy app. However, we are running into a situation where we now have a bunch of invoices that look to be partially paid in Breww but are actually fully paid in our accountancy app. This is resulting in the credit limit being falsely triggered in Breww and creating general confusion between the two apps.

I don’t believe the best approach is to enter these credit memos into Breww as again, they are non-production related. But there needs to be a mechanism in place to insure that both invoices are in sync in terms of their balance.

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Thanks for the suggestion. Why don’t you think entering these credit notes/memos in Breww is right? I must say that to me, this sounds like the perfect solution as it perfectly reflects what actually happened and I don’t see why “non-production related invoices” shouldn’t be in Breww. I know that many of our customers put all invoices/credits in Breww and we’ve certainly built it to work well like this.

Because I can enter them faster using AI based tools like Hubdoc, etc which will do 90% of the work for me. There is nothing more I detest than wasting time doing data entry. Plus, Credit Memos issued in Breww still will not copy over a reference number to Xero so I end up having to go into Xero anyway to update that piece of data. See Reference field on Credit Memos/Notes and upload this to accounting software

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Yes, we also use HubDoc for our own accounts, so I do appreciate the benefits of tools like this.

Let’s say we have an invoice for $100, a payment of $20 and a credit for the remaining $80… we need a way to clear off the $80. We can’t just make it magically disappear; it has to be balanced by something. Adding a “fake” payment would be incorrect, so the only real option is the credit note showing in Breww. The downside to this, at the moment, is that you cannot take advantage of the timesaving from HubDoc.

The solution here would be to download credit notes from your accounting software to Breww automatically. I’ve updated the thread title to reflect this better to ensure others looking for this can find the thread and vote for it.

In the meantime, you’ll need the credit notes in Breww, as invoice amounts due can’t just disappear, so these will have to be created manually, I’m afraid. I hope this all makes sense.