Refunds & Credits in Shopify pulled through to Breww

As part of the integration between Breww and Shopify it would be helpful to have the credits flow through too so if you give a customer a refund that pulls into Breww as a credit note. Also in Shopify if you mark something as restock it would be helpful if it auto restocked it in Breww as well.

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Same with Square, I’ve done refund on square dashboard however invoice still sat in Breww paid. I cannot remove the payment to void the invoice as says managed by an integration. How to I remove payment and invoice from Breww?

Thanks, Claire, and sorry for the delay getting back to you; I was away last week and all posts in the feature request section fall under my remit!

Unfortunately, Square make this impossible for us. When you refund an order in Square, they create a brand new “order” for a negative value and don’t give us any information to link this to the original. They’re just completely separate transactions that both relate to the same customer, so we create these as credit notes in Breww, but have no way of knowing that it should be applied to a previous invoice.

If the refunds are typically same-day, then this may be “fixed” by Square, Zettle & other POS integrations to have a daily/weekly/monthly invoice as both transactions would be grouped together. If you think this would help you, please give that thread a vote.

Thanks and I’m sorry I don’t have a better answer for you.

Hiya Luke,
It’s all OK now I understand how it works and can scroll further down and see the credit note. I wrongly assumed it would be linked to the invoice so when not there I believed I had done something wrong and needed support. The “work around” you found to react to the way Square works is OK for us. I’ll ensure the whole team knows and as the accounts will ultimately balance we’re happy.
Cheers again

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