Allow importing customer overpayments from accounting software to Breww

We are integrated with Xero. We invoice customers via Breww, Breww sends the invoice into Xero, we reconcile the payment in against the invoice in Xero and the invoice in Breww gets marked as paid.

There are occasions when our customers pay us too much. We tend to hold this overpayment on account and log it in Xero as an overpayment which we would allocate to the next invoice we raise for them. HOWEVER, we have no way of reflecting this overpayment in Breww so it can be allocated to an invoice and the team that raises the invoices in Breww do not have access to Xero.

We need a feature developed to help us deal with this scenario

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Overpayments can be represented in Breww, but they must be added directly into Breww (they don’t import from Xero). To do this, the payment needs to be added via the “Orders, credit notes & payments” tab on the customer’s account page (rather than to a specific order). This would allow the overpayment to show in Breww and be allocated to later order(s).

I can see the benefits of Breww importing these from Xero, so we can keep this thread open for this, if that would be helpful?

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We have had this same issue but from a different source. We have had to split a DDS (Beeflex) order into 2 to enable us to deliver a product whilst the other was re-stocked. i.e split the order into two deliveries.

This now shows one order as overpaid, and the other ‘new’ order as not paid. The pricing has split correctly and we can add a payment in the customer account to ‘pay’ the unpaid order. We can’t remove the overpayment though. How would we go about this?

Thanks, Luke. Apologies for the delay in getting back to you; I’ve been away and I’m the only person in the team to monitor feature request threads.

You raise a good point! Payments should normally be split over the orders when the order is split in the first place, but the SIBA payments work differently to others, so this might not have worked properly here.

Can you please open a support ticket with the details of the order so we can have a look at why this went wrong and resolve the payment issue for you? Cheers!

This would be a super useful feature for us too, pretty much the same scenario as Rebecca’s original post (just for Quickbooks).

Our accountant does add the overpayments manually so the sales team can see the correct credit/debit balance, but then when it comes to applying overpayments this then causes misalignment with QB.

Likewise, our sales team - who issue the invoices and account manage - don’t have access to the accounting software. Super important for the team to have everything they need to look after their customers’ orders without creating more internal admin in the process.

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Hi Luke, I think I am missing something. How does this then get reconciled in Xero? I have added a payment to a customer in Breww and it has been applied, they now have the overpayment sitting there to apply to their next invoice but when I check in Xero there is no overpayment created for that customer.

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Thanks for the question, and I’m sorry for the confusion. We don’t upload the overpayment to Xero, so it can’t be reconciled at this point. It will only show in Breww until it’s been fully allocated to invoices (or refunded). Each invoice paid will have this payment uploaded back to Xero at this point.

I appreciate this isn’t ideal, but it’s an area where the feature to sync overpayments between Breww and accounting platforms just doesn’t exist yet, I’m afraid.