Separate permission to add payments to orders so this can only be done by some people

I’d also like to suggest that marking invoices as paid / allocating credits, is a permission available to only certain Breww users (for example bookkeeper/finance team). At the moment, I believe this permission is available as standard for all Sales Users, which is far from ideal as the sales person can quite easily mark invoices as paid without understanding what the consequences are (bookkeeping headache’s in Xero).


Thanks, Shaun, I’ve split your comment off into a separate thread as although the other feature request is related to payments, they’re different features that would be done separately, and they’re easier for us to track (and others to vote for) this way.

Coincidentally, this was done last week, so you should be able to set this up already :tada:

In order to preserve existing functionality, this permission has been granted to everyone in the “General sales” group, so you’ll need to create your own permission group for sales people that doesn’t include this permission, e.g. named “Sales without payments”. Once this has been done, you can move the majority of sales person user accounts to this group, and just leave the ones who you want to be able to enter payments in the “General sales” group.

I hope this makes sense, but please do let me know if you have any questions :+1:

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