A stock item already exists with the name

When updating bulk Inventory via CSV files, I receive an error message " * A stock item already exists with the name Centennial."

This applies to any duplicate inventory items I have in my CSV file and blocks the entire new stock inventory CSV upload. (via DATA IMPORTS)

My new CSV has updated pricing for this year’s hop/grain/chemicals that already exist in my inventory, and I was hoping to update everything in one CSV dump, rather than go through each duplicate stock item individually via the SUPPLIERS menu (which is cumbersome, clumsy and extremely time-consuming)

I thought a way around this would be to delete all my existing inventory items (or at least just the duplicates) and to re-upload my new inventory via CSV. The problem is I can’t even delete an inventory item (or can’t seem to find how to)

Has anyone found a workflow around this?

How do you delete inventory items?

How do we update multiple item details (pricing) via CSV?

The stock item CSV feature you’re referring to is an importer, not an updater, I’m afraid. We don’t currently have a bulk updater for stock items/suppliers. The importer will try to import the stock items in the CSV as new, which is why you get an error stating that the stock item already exists.

You can’t currently delete a stock item, only obsolete one. Nevertheless, a stock item that’s been used would never be able to be fully deleted, as then you’ll have broken references for things like ingredient recall and historic batches.

I’m afraid the only option for existing stock items is to update them individually in the ‘Suppliers’ tab on the stock item’s page. You could post a feature request for a stock item/supplier bulk updater if this is something you’d like to see in Breww.

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Definitely a feature request then.

Suppliers updating their pricelist yearly would mean hours of stock updates when you’re going through each item one by one.

How do I submit this post as a feature request??

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You can do this over in the feature requests section. I’d recommend writing a more snappy request for a ‘Stock items & supplier info bulk updater’ rather than copying/converting this post, as this would make it more likely for others to vote for the feature and increase its priority.