Stock items & supplier cost pricing bulk updater

When updating bulk Inventory via CSV files, I receive an error message " * A stock item already exists with the name Centennial."

This applies to any duplicate inventory items I have in my CSV file and blocks the entire new stock inventory CSV upload. (via DATA IMPORTS)

My new CSV has updated pricing for this year’s hop/grain/chemicals that already exist in my inventory, and I was hoping to update everything in one CSV dump, rather than go through each duplicate stock item individually via the SUPPLIERS menu (which is cumbersome, clumsy and extremely time-consuming)

I thought a way around this would be to delete all my existing inventory items (or at least just the duplicates) and to re-upload my new inventory via CSV. The problem is I can’t even delete an inventory item (or can’t seem to find how to)

Has anyone found a workflow around this?

How do we update multiple item details (pricing) via CSV?

Could we get a stock item/supplier bulk updater feature added?

Thanks for the suggestion. A CSV tool to bulk update stock items and supplier cost prices would be a great addition - I appreciate that it can be time-consuming at the moment to go through each one.

The current stock items importer will only create new items and never update existing items, this is by design and not a bug, so it’s right to be rejecting your existing file. To apply updates with a CSV file, we would need to build a new tool for this.

I’d highly recommend not attempting to delete your existing stock items and replace them as this will cause you many more headaches & confusion and won’t ultimately save you any time. For example, if you were to remove your existing Centennial and make a new one with the new price, any recipes looking for this would be looking at the old item, not the new one and many other parts of Breww would be in the same situation. It’s not currently possible to delete a stock item (they can be marked as “Obsolete”), but when this does become possible, please don’t use this to just change prices :smile:

We’ll keep this thread as the (great) suggestion of a CSV stock item and supplier pricing updater tool - if anyone else would like to see this, please give it a vote with the button in the top-left :+1:

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I just thought I’d add that there is a small, tucked-away feature which might help you to update prices more quickly. Go to a supplier’s page and onto the ‘Supplied products’ tab. There is a button to bulk update prices by a specific percentage or amount - useful for a general 2% price increase, for example. There is also a quick edit button for each supplied item, which would be quicker than having to go into each stock item separately in the Inventory section.

I hope this is helpful!

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