Add Stock Items in Bulk to a New Supplier

It would be very helpful to have the ability to add stock items in bulk to a newly created supplier. For example, if my usual malt supplier is having supply issues or increases their price, it would be great to add another alternative supplier, and quickly add all the same stock items that the original supplier was listed for. Currently, we would have to click into each individual stock item to manually add the new supplier. With many different ingredients, this could be quite cumbersome.
Please let me know if this topic should be combined with an existing one. I see a few that are related, but not exactly the same.

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Thanks for the great suggestion, Dave. I think this is good with its own thread :+1:

Are you thinking of a page in Breww along the lines of:

  • Create a supplier and load them into the new tool
  • Pick a stock item from a list
  • Set any details, such as price, MOQ, pack size, etc
  • Quick save and back to a fresh form to repeat the process with another stock item (but for the same supplier)?

Or more like a spreadsheet import? The hard part of this is you have to enter the stock item name in a column to exactly match how it’s set in Breww, so that Breww can match the row with the right stock item. But you could start with a stock item name export (Raw Data Explorer) to get the column in place before filling in the other details.

See attached - sorry for my chicken scratches.
It would not need to be a csv import. Mainly, the request is just for a way to quickly add/subtract items from a supplier’s “catalog” of supplied items. This could be a separate tool, or just a tab under each supplier.

Does that make sense?

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Thanks, Dave; yes, that sounds like a great solution.