Yeast management on Breww


It would be interesting to have a yeast management e.g. yeast pitching, yeast cropping…

Are you planning an update for this?


Hi Vincent,

Yes absolutely! It’s not currently on our short-term roadmap, but we definitely want to add this sort of functionality in at some point. As well as pitching and cropping, we would like to add the ability to analyse how each generation of the yeast affects fermentation and also of course have the costs tracked against the relevant batches.

If you have any other requests that you’d like to see as part of a yeast management function post them in here, and it would be great to get a discussion going on what would make up the ideal functionality!

I’m also going to give this feature an upvote, as I think it would be a great addition to Breww.


Just noticed this thread - I’d like to see functionality for propagation also, alongside some support for lab inventory management (consumables & Use By management notifications .etc) & integration with tasks, & record keeping for yeast related lab work- cell counts, gram staining .etc would all be handy.

Currently adding yeast information to individual gyles & fermentation notes makes it difficult to track yeast across batches, so being able to easily do this would be great.
The analysis & reporting functions sound good. Viability/Cell Counts.etc across batches/generations & being able to compare pitches could be useful (e.g: House Pale batches 1-10 with the yeast generation data for these batches, then if we brewed batches 11-20 with a new pitch, being able to compare generational data to help identify variations in yeast or process)

Thanks & hope this is helpful

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Hi Steve,

Thanks very much for the additional info here. I’ll add it to the yeast management task notes.


Any progress with this? It’s a pretty big part of brewing. I’ve been going through how we plan to use Breww with the local EHO officer and they’re not particularly thrilled about us re-using yeast and not being able to properly track it. I assume I’ll just have to put each batch in as a stock item and run with it until we get a fresh pitch, but that’ll distort the cost price and add faff.

Very keen for this and also to be able to track pitch rates, it can have a pretty big impact on flavour and it’s something I’d like to keep track of within Breww without having to add a million notes I can’t compare easily.

Hi Daniel,

The core functionality behind this feature has been started, but it was put on hold when more heavily-requested features continued to be requested.

We are looking to pick it back up shortly, so we’re optimistic it will be before the end of the year - which we’re really excited about.

We’ll update everyone here once we have more!