Extracting yeast from a beer that has had multiple pitches

I am having an issue when extracting yeast from a beer on breww when that beer has had multiple yeast pitches. The problem is when I try to extract yeast from that beer it is forcing me to create a new merged batch even though it is all the same batch and we just needed to harvest and pitch multiple times to hit the correct cell count.

So my specific example is that we have 2x 30L yeast brinks we harvested into both and pitch both into our lager, then the cell count was about half of what we needed so we harvested 2 more and pitched them both. Our new lager now says it has yeast coming from 4 separate brinks (which is fine) BUT when I now extract yeast from that beer it forces me to create a new merged batch every time I harvest from it so our 2 brinks now have different yeast batches in each brink. We need to pitch both of these brinks into our next lager, this means on breww I am merging 2 batches into the beer so when i next harvest from this beer it will again create a whole new batch for each brink i harvest into.

At this point the genealogy becomes almost pointless as each batch literally shows me creating a merged batch pitching it and harvesting in and merging it into a new batch and then i have to go find the new batch to see where its gone.

On your help documents it shows a genealogy where yeast from different beers have been merged and yet still in the same batch, I cannot see how this is done so if you could show me how to do that, that would be really helpful. But if I have to pitch 2 the brinks before I can harvest again this may not fully fix the issue?

Ideally I would like it to be possible that the system knows I have pitched 4 brinks of the exact same yeast batch and generation and therefore automatically see it as technically one large 120L pitch rather than 4x 30L pitch of 4 “different” yeast batches and then forcing it to be a new merged batch.

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Nice to see someone flagging this, I had the same issue last week but assumed this was user error on our part still getting used to the system. We also have a larger bulk crop tank for our house strain as well as 3 x 60L Yeast brinks (Set up as secondary vessels). So we’ve encountered this issue when cropping yeast into 1 of our smaller brinks, pitching this, and refilling the brink again to send into the same wort. This creates two different batches of the same yeast and having to merge them as a new batch after the correct amount has been pitched.

This isn’t so much of an issue when pitching our house strain as even though we still use the smaller brinks as an intermediate tank, we can pitch the total volume directly from our larger tank on Breww, negating having to merge 2/3 brinks worth of yeast.

Thanks for the feedback here! As you’ve identified, Breww currently checks how many yeast pitches have been made and uses that to determine if a new batch is needed. However, I agree that this isn’t ideal!

A definite improvement would be if Breww weren’t so “sensitive” in wanting to create a new batch. Ideally, would you want Breww to create a new yeast batch if you have merged multiple generations of the same batch (i.e. merged Gen 1 and Gen 3 of Batch #1), or only if you have merged two completely different batches together (i.e. merged Batch #1 and Batch #2)?

Yeh if it only forced it to be a new batch when different generations or different batches were merged that would work.

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Thanks for that; that makes sense! I’ve updated this to a feature request so that we can track progress on it :+1:

@josh-wise and @lewis-horne, as this is now a feature request, can you please give it a vote? This will help us with prioritising it.

For more information on how we handle feature requests, please see 💡 Posting ideas & feature requests for Breww 💙