Yeast propogation functionality

Could we add the ability to transfer yeast between containers within Breww. We begin propagating in conical flasks in the lab before moving into a 30L propagation unit before transferring into our 1200 propagation tanks.

Currently we have made single propagation ‘tracks’ using one container on breww and in the notes we mention which real world container we have transferred it to and which batch we have taken wort from, the current gravity etc.

Could we add the ability to transfer yeast batches between ‘yeast brinks’ or tanks, this would allow us to properly track our propagating and CIPs associated with it.

Could be also have the ability to take wort from a brew and add it to said container. This would allow us to have traceability on ingredients using in propagating.



Thanks for the great suggestion! Good news, this is now live :boom:

If you have any feedback or questions, please let us know!

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