Xero Invoice SKU


We have Breww linked to Xero which works great but the bit which is missing is the SKU. Is there a way to have Breww populate the “code” field with the SKU?

Or copy over the products from Breww over to Xero so that the products with the codes/sku in Xero are used on the invoice?

Hi Adam,

Thanks for posting on the Community! You can “map” your Breww products to your Xero items by entering the Xero Item’s code against the equivalent product in Breww. To do this, go to the product in Breww → Click Edit → Update the “Accountancy provider product SKU” to the equivalent Xero Item’s code. Next time Breww uploads an invoice to Xero, it will provide Xero with this item code, and Xero will then associate that Item with that invoice item. This is the only way Xero can populate the “Item Code” column on an invoice. It cannot be populated with just the Breww product’s code; an “Item” must be created in Xero.

I hope this helps, but let us know if you have any questions.

Ah great, that’s is what I am looking for!

Is there a way to update this field for all existing products quickly? Or automatically set it to the same as the SKU?

Unfortunately, there is no way to bulk update accountancy provider SKU codes for a list of existing products, but there is an open feature request for Bulk Edit Products, and I know other breweries have expressed an interest in being able to bulk accountancy provider SKU codes as part of this feature request. It would be worth looking at this and adding your vote if it is something you would like to see added.

OK, thanks Connor. I have voted for it.