Bulk Edit Products

Would be great to be able to bulk edit certain aspects of each product, for example whether the product is obsolete or not. Would make a lot easier than opening each one seperately.

Hi Joe, welcome to the Breww Community!

We think this would be a really good idea & it would certainly speed up product management.

We’ll add it to our feature build list and share progress with you once we have made some headway with it.



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As you already have for customers, it would be useful to have a bulk updater for products. We have members of our team that will add a new product but forget to input all the fields such as weight, Accountancy SKU in particular. In spreadsheet format these omissions are much easier to spot and edit.

Thanks for the request. I’m sure this would be useful!
In the meantime, you could use the Products Data explorer report to check for missing data in bulk. If you add fields for ‘Weight’ and ‘Accountancy account → name’, you’ll be able to quickly see what’s missing.

Hi Matt
The problem with the Products Data explorer report is it does not give the Accountancy Provider Product SKU as a field option which is the one I am looking for.

Hi Rob,
Ah yes, sorry I misread that as ‘Accountancy account’! I’ll get ‘Accountancy provider product SKU’ added to the data explorer for you soon as this would be a very quick addition.

Hi Rob,
After chatting to the team about adding this field, it turns out it’s not that simple to add ‘Accountancy provider product SKU’ to the data explorer due to how this field works behind the scenes, I’m afraid. It would be better to wait until we can add a dedicated bulk updater for products, which we’ll try and get to doing soon. I hope this is okay and sorry for getting your hopes up!

I’d love to see this feature, I would like to add weight attributes to our products today. But clicking through one by one will take hours.

I haven’t missed a feature to easily update weight values in bulk have I?

There’s not currently a way to bulk edit the weights on products, sorry, but when we get to this feature request we will make sure this is part of the build :+1:

Inventory too would be great!

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It would be really great to see this update done asap. We have a mammoth task of updating to be done on our products and the thought of having to go into each product in turn is horrendous. This needs to be done in excel/csv. Any update on where it is on the development list

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I’m sorry, John, but we don’t have a date for when this will be done. We have a number of major projects in progress at the moment and this isn’t one of them, so if you need to make changes now, this isn’t going to be ready for you to use.

Can you confirm which fields you expect to need to change in bulk, so that when we do get to this request we know what you’d like to change, and can make sure these are all covered? Thanks.

Another vote for me, particularly for the Accountancy Provider Product SKU

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We’re happy to say that we’ve now added a bulk product updater! You can find it in SettingsData imports and updates Bulk update data Products.

@adam-henderson ‘Accountancy Provider Product SKU’ isn’t currently supported as it is slightly more complicated. It can only be shown for those with a Xero integration, but it will follow shortly!

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‘Accountancy Provider Product SKU’ is now available for use with the product updater, allowing you to bulk edit this field! It was also added to the two different product importers as well.
We hope this helps!

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