Default HS/Commodity codes and weights on products

Hi guys

Is it possible to set the default HS codes and weights for all products?

e.g. a 30L KeyKeg will always be 32KG gross weight (30KG net) and have a HS code of “2203001000”. It is a right pain remembering to set these up for every product and they are nearly always the same based on packaging type

Small pack will always be “2203000900” I think?

Perhaps there can be an option to set the defaults for these fields?


Hi Kev,

Thanks for getting in touch and welcome to the community!

This isn’t currently possible but this is a great suggestion so if any other breweries would find this feature useful, please vote for it using the button above.

If I have any developments on this, I will let you know straight away.


Hey guys,

Has there been any movement on this? It takes loads of time as we generate loads of products each week

The good news is that we have started work on this, but unfortunately, it’s been stalled due to an unexpected complication. We will get this picked back up and over the line as soon as possible, but we can’t commit to a date at this stage. Thank you.

Thanks for the update Luke. Good to know that you are looking at this as it is a constant problem (new products not set up with export market in mind)

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same, we create lots of new products so having to go into each product time after time and specify weight is really time consuming. Like Kev-robinson said, a specified weight would be great 24 case - 13kg etc. kegstar 42kg


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Hi All

We have just been through the process of updating all the Gross & Net Weight’s of all the products and in our view it involved a lot of unnecessary repetition

eg Lets say that you have 3 Bag in Box sizes 5 10 and 20 litres. The Net weight of the beer will remain the same for any Beer ie 5 10 and 20 kg’s and then the weight of the bag and box will also remain the same. So once you have calculated the weight’s they would apply across all Beer’s.

Rather than having to enter the Net & Gross weight for every product would it be better to have a toggle that allowed you to apply a net and Gross weight for any product of the same type

eg If you have 6 or 8 different beers than you apply a Net & Gross weight for a 5L Box variant and its applied to every Beer. NB: This could be the default and then if for some reason a product needs to be different from the default you could still edit it at a product level?

Hope that makes sense as it will save hours of updating!


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Hi Nick,

I hope you are well and thanks for getting in touch.

Yes, that makes sense and we really appreciate the feedback on this as I can see how this would save lots of time. I will make sure to update you with any updates on this and if anyone else would like to see this in Breww, please vote using the button above.

Yes, we should be able to set default weights for container types - overriding / editing these on products if required.


Hey Joe,

Just wondering if this has gone into affect yet, I’m struggling to edit weight of a container but rather can only edit the weight of individual products in a container. Am I missing Something?

We’re still planning on adding this feature, but it’s not been done yet. Whenever a feature on the community is implemented, one of our team will post a message on the thread confirming this and it will be tagged as idea-completed

For more information on how we manage feature requests, please see 💡 Posting ideas & feature requests for Breww 💙

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In addition to this it would be great to pre set the commodity codes too!


We agree, Commodity Codes would be great to be handled in the same way.

Although this is slightly different to Default HS/Commodity codes and weights on products (and hence we kept them as two threads), they are both trying to solve the same thing, so we’ve decided to merge them together after all. This will ensure that the votes are combined and help push it up the priority list :+1:

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Hey Luke,

I was wondering if we can have HS codes auto filled
When creating a product, we already select the container type, so could have keg HS auto assigned to a product type that’s already been chosen (keg/Cask).
And the Multi/small packs have a drop down of can or bottle HS codes (with a option setting to allow a default choice to auto fill prior to opening the drop down).

Would save time and potential mistakes in generating invoices for export.


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Thanks for the comments, Tom. This thread is the right place to vote for this suggestion (it doesn’t look like you’ve voted for this yet - if you can, that’s the best thing that you can do to help push this up the priority list). See here for more information on how we manage feature requests and how to vote for them.

I also really like the suggestion of you being able to define your own “named HS codes” so they can be picked from a list rather than entered manually each time. We’ll be sure to include that in this feature when it’s implemented :+1:

It would also be useful for the weights of products to be calculated automatically.

If you added an optional weight for stock items, I could tell breww that a 30L steel keg is always 9.7kg. When I use this stock item for a racking, breww should be able to take the final gravity of the beer & volume filled to calculate the net weight of the beer. Then it can add in the weight of the stock items used in the racking to automatically determine the gross weight.

For example, I rack a 30L keg of a beer with a logged FG of 1.0085, so the net weight is 30 x 1.0085 = 30.255kg. The keg itself is 9.7 kg, so the gross weight is 39.955 kg.

This would be really useful for small pack as well, and especially useful for creating multi-packs from individual small pack containers.


Great news everyone… This feature has been launched now :tada:

Thanks to everyone who got involved, voted and helped to shape this.

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Thanks for these suggestions, Peter.

For now, we have gone with just the component container types impacting the weights, as this was mostly built before your comments. I’ve split your request to a separate thread (Allow automatic product weights to add in weights set on component stock items), so if you can vote for that one, that would be great.

The idea of using the OG/FG to calculate the liquid weight is a nice idea, but it’s probably an over-complication at this time, to be honest. Product weights are set “per product” and don’t vary from one batch of beer to another of the same beer. There are also plenty of times when it would be useful for Breww to know the weight of a product, but the level of detail that you’re suggesting wouldn’t be available (e.g. pre-selling something that you’ve not packaged yet). I hope this makes sense.

The stock item weight part of your suggestion is excellent, however, so please do give that other thread a vote :+1:

Hey Luke

Really happy this feature has been implemented thanks! Just wondering if there’s a way of only calculating weights of orders to 1 or 2 decimal places. At the moment having a default weight for cans is giving some wild detail of weight up to 4 decimal places


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Thanks, Liam. It’s great to hear this feature is appreciated :smile:

We’ve also reviewed some of the common places where weights are shown and implemented rounding, as per your suggestion. If you see any others that need updating, please let us know :ok_hand: