Use Breww order address on Xero Invoice


This might already exist but I couldn’t find it.

When we put an order in Breww or it comes from an integration into Breww the billing and delivery addresses are populated but this isn’t transferred over into Xero from what I can see. The invoices in Xero are whatever address we have saved in there. We can enter these, but the problem comes when the customer has multiple sites. There is no way to automatically set the correct addresses on the Xero invoice that I can see.

Is there a way to have the addresses on the Breww order pull across on to the Xero invoice?

When Breww uploads an invoice to Xero, they give no option to include an address with the invoice. They force the address to be whatever is on the Xero customer (contact). So if you change just the invoice address in Breww, this, unfortunately, has no way of making it to Xero. If you change the customer address, we can sync this, however.
This should really only be an issue for customers with multiple sites, as you say. The solution for this would be to set up the different customer sites and different customers in Breww, then link them with a ‘Customer group’. You then have options to keep the same billing details on sub-customers, but use the individual’s delivery address.
I suggest you take a look at customer groups; have a play around and check out any related articles on The Breww Community. We will, of course, be here to answer any questions you may have!

Hi Matt,

I did think about this and it would work if we had Xero contacts for each of them and we manually enter the order into Breww.

However, if the order comes though Sellar/WooCommerce etc the customers with multiple sites just enter the address they want it to go to so we cant map each order to different customers unless they ordered through separate accounts. It wouldn’t make sense for them to do that.

Hi Adam,

Ah, I see. That makes sense.
We do have a feature request for multiple delivery addresses for a single customer, however, until Xero allow us to send over a delivery address with the invoice itself, there’s nothing we can really do unless Xero change how their API works.

I’ll bring this up with the team to see if there’s an alternative solution.

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We’ve double-checked this with Xero, and due to limitations on Xero’s side, this isn’t possible to implement, I’m afraid.

Quote from Xero API docs:

Addresses on Invoices

By default, the address applied to an invoice will use the postal (POBOX) address of the Contact. However, This can be changed in Xero by applying a custom invoice template. It is not possible to manually override the address on a per-invoice basis.

I also belive this cannot be done from within the Xero web interface manually, but I’m not 100% certain on this.

For anyone else reading this, it’s worth noting that this limitation doesn’t apply to our other accounting integrations, such as Quickbooks Online and Sage Accounting. For those other integrations, Breww will upload the invoice-specific addresses.

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